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May love and supply visit at your hearts’ door.

Fling open wide the windows of your souls to the freedoms of Bliss that is already yours by Divine Design. O let it be! O receive it now! Then say,  “and so it is” …. and so it is! Amen.  Amen.

  • 2019 PREDICTION BENEDICTION  - by the Reverend Dawnecia Palmer, OBA AFP AOC - Chief Commissioner PEACEMAKERS Prayer Patrols

Time of Refreshings

May is indeed a time of refreshing as it is a time of hope.

As we advance toward the half-year mark we stand on this one step that stands, as it were, between what has been, and what is possible.

So here we get to engage and participate the greatest opportunity of our lifetime, the opportunity to choose.

What will your choices be?  Here you are given the chance to step in and step up, to the helm of your destiny: your unfolding.

Who and what am I? This fundamental question from which answers might well determine the rest of the year, the rest of your life.

At the core, you are the stuff from which you were beautifully formed. Designed to prosper in health and strength, beauty and love. All you could ever wish for and more that these are already within you. This, my friend, is the truth of your beingness.

Image result for mayAnd so, realising the truth about your essence will inform your choices going forward.

The way ahead is clear, inviting you to enter thereon, in the knowing that all is well and better still that all shall be well.

May each of us for the all of us, echo the soul’s sweet refrain ‘and so it is!’

And so it is.




Whether you happened upon this post by deliberate search or purely by chance, I wish you to know that I have prayed a blessing for you, and, it is on its way to you right now even as you read these words.  Image result for blessingSo lift your voice in a song of praise and heart with gratitude, knowing that are no mere chances with blessings, because, blessings are the invisible, unconditional, deliberate kindnesses often showing up in unexpected circumstances”

“Blessings are the invisible, unconditional, deliberate kindnesses often showing up in unexpected circumstances”

Image result for blessing– words and quote by Reverend Palmer, Cheif Commissioner PEACEMAKERS

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    All days are good, and all numbers too, but it so great to live in them when they are in the synchronicity of numbering, as they are today. They become great reminders of the one (1) Power, one as in (1st) First, and One as in an undivided unified field.  The number seven (7) represents perfection.

    Prayer for Today…

    I pray on this day, the seventh day, of the first month of the year 2017, that  peoples of the world, of the varying  tribes, nations, languages, social status, political or non-political biases,  would become as One, in The one Power – Love, and that through this wonderful vibration of Love, we may begin to enter a season of Peacemaking treaties with ourselves, each other, and God, in an undivided unified field of blessing on earth, as in heaven. Thus fulfilling the golden prayer of Jesus the Christ “…on earth as it is in Heaven.” Amen.

    -Writing by Reverend Palmer 17/1/17


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