Time of Refreshings

May is indeed a time of refreshing as it is a time of hope.

As we advance toward the half-year mark we stand on this one step that stands, as it were, between what has been, and what is possible.

So here we get to engage and participate the greatest opportunity of our lifetime, the opportunity to choose.

What will your choices be?  Here you are given the chance to step in and step up, to the helm of your destiny: your unfolding.

Who and what am I? This fundamental question from which answers might well determine the rest of the year, the rest of your life.

At the core, you are the stuff from which you were beautifully formed. Designed to prosper in health and strength, beauty and love. All you could ever wish for and more that these are already within you. This, my friend, is the truth of your beingness.

Image result for mayAnd so, realising the truth about your essence will inform your choices going forward.

The way ahead is clear, inviting you to enter thereon, in the knowing that all is well and better still that all shall be well.

May each of us for the all of us, echo the soul’s sweet refrain ‘and so it is!’

And so it is.



2 thoughts on “Time of Refreshings”

  1. Amazing, captivating and stunning words to live by! Ready and excited to “step in and step up to the helm of my destiny…”
    Much love & gratitude to you always,
    ~ Natalie B x x x

    1. Peace and abundant blessings to you Natalie B. I really appreciate your feedback and encouragement. Humbled and blessed that you were inspired, and feeling ready and excited to step in and up to the helm of your destiny…surely such an amazing declaration can only mean one thing….the best is yet to come! This is my prayer for you. Thank you again for visiting the site, please pop by again soon. Namaste. – PPP Practioner

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