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“We are so grateful for your generous  DONATION, we  acknowledge that it is your way of showing your support to this amazing Ministry. We wish to remind you that your GENOROSITY today attracted the Universe’s Order of Distribution to meet your own needs  tomorrow.” 

– Dawnecia Palmer

Mother Thereasa givingGive, and it will be given to you.

Peacemakers, officers, foot-patrols, in-house practitioners, admin staff,  website manager, all give of themselves selflesslessly and tirelessly to the ministry. They give their service to provide space and place, physical accessibility for neighborhoods prayer support, online information, prayers, prayer support and encouragements, financial upkeep for equipments and uniforms, awareness events, monthly meetings, and travel expenses, and upkeep of our website. But most importantly is time, and each person gladly sacrifices time and energy for the love of you, to make and see peace in our world, hopefully in our generation, and for generations to come. Your Donations help to meet these goals, and  make our service worthwhile. The more you GIVE is the more we recieve, the more we RECEIVE is the more we are able to DO.                                                                                                        THANK YOU.

A global network of prayer, a force for good, a beneficial presence in the earth: to bless, protect, and actively engage with local communities.