The Place of Healing for the soul

Are you feeling weary and heavy burdened with cares?

Do you sometimes despair of life?

Do you feel guilty and unforgiven?

Do you sometimes wish that you could be given an opportunity to start again to get it right?

If you have answered yes to any of the above I want you to know that you have come to the right page. We can help you.

Please follow the steps below, one step at a time:

Step 1) Take a deep breath and exhale with the sound of ahhh

Step 2) Take a deep breath and hold to the count of 4 and let go to the count of 4

Step 3) Before you take the 3rd breath think about what you would feel like if you were no longer weary or burdened, in despair, guilty and unforgiven. Think about how you would feel if were given the chance to start over knowing what you know, but given the opportunity to get it right.

Step 4) Now take a deep 3rd breath holding it to the count of with the feeling tone of being: Refreshed and invigorated.  Hopeful and encouraged. Absolved, pardoned and acquitted, exhale with a feeling tone of gratitude.

Step 5) Still holding the wonderful feeling of being refreshed, invigorated, hopefulness, encouragement, absolution and acquittal press the play button on the video below, along with the [ ] button for full screen.

Reach forth your hands and touch the waterfall on the screen, it is a representation of the pure forgiveness and love.

Close your eyes and free your mind from all distractions except the sound of the water flow. Imagine that by love and forgiveness you are being washed, refreshed, renewed and invigorated, purified,  pardoned, acquitted and absolved from all guilt, forever.

             Baptism, Absolution, Confirmation

By the power invested in me by Life, I hereby decree, and pronounce YOU REFRESHED, RENEWED, INVIGORATED, PURIFIED, PARDONED, ACQUITED, ABSOLVED,  and LIGHT AS A FEATHER.  Go forth in the knowledge that by these words of truth, your own confession and belief, you are now free, liberated, released, emancipated, ransomed, redeemed.

Licensed Minister - Reverend Dawnecia Palmer AoC AFP OBA


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