Let Us Pray…. by Lewin Carr


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Happy Monday Academy

Let Us Pray….
Every week I get an average of around 20 private engagements from my readers all over the world. They have issues they would like me to help them with, we discuss powerful topics, we help, share and address problems. We all need extra guidance sometimes and maybe just a listening ear.
Academy this past week engagements has been heavy and troubling with an unusual amount of adversities that my readers are faced with. As I sit to write, I feel the original post moved aside and I am touched to ask you to join me in prayer for those among us who face a multiplicity of issues: social, economic, spiritual and physical. Let us pray;

Heavenly father our eternal God, as I deliver your word of inspiration, empowerment, motivation and righteousness daily, I ask you to anoint me this morning with your word of healing, renewal, breakthrough, blessings and deliverance. I ask for your intervention and guidance over the members of this Academy.
Lord you promise in Matthew 11:28 “come on to me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give thee rest.
Lord this Academy want to thank you and lift up your name for the many shifts you have inspired and nurtured through this powerful group, from those who have been inspired to: further their education, to move to new jobs, to the promotions, the start of businesses, investments, better family life, abandoning of destructive habits to those who are powering up for their next move, and those who have improved in different areas of their lives. We praise your name, we give you the glory.

Lord we have labored and as many among us are heavy laden, we pray for your presence, guidance and intervention.
Lord I ask that you enter our hearts and mind and fill us with strength, wisdom and courage to fight, to push through to persevere to BELIEVE and go in FIATH….and to remember that you promise never to leave us alone.
Lord I pray that this morning that you help us to stop for a moment to remember your word in the 23 Psalm when you said Yeah though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil.

Lord true your grace, in your name, help me to convey to those facing adversities that no weapons that rise against them shall prosper and there is no stopping them now because……
THEY HAVE ALREADY BEING PLANTED ON FERTILE GROUND, and harvest is only a matter of time and we shall continue to be relentless in nourishing our mind, body and soul and with your help, they shall bring forth fruit in due season. We are confident in the victory.
That the challenges are not above our strength, that the pangs and toil are not beyond our endurance as long as we have faith in You and confidence in ourselves……WE SHALL OVERCOME…..

This morning they will GET IT BACK Oh Lord, you will restore to them; their strength, they will get back their personality, their confidence, their motivation, their courage, their passion to pursue their destiny, their contentment, their happiness , peace and power.

As we go in faith we trust that you will remove the obstacles, the evil, the pestilent and the devil that is fear, weakness,depression,anxiety,stress and the feeling of defeat. Help us rise and know that you are God and everything that has fallen from us are leaves….we still have our roots, trunk and branches and fallen leave signify that fruits are near….. Everything to God in prayer …. We submit to you…..


God be with you today and forever more Academy… love you

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