Let Peace Reign

There is a rest that you can know amidst the external noise and internal chatter.

And in this rest your soul slips into a contented state and all is peace, perfect peace.

No worry here.  No fear here. No dread nor harm. But all is as it is, all is at peace in rest.

Lay aside then the questioning and outreaching for what has been, which is no more nor ever shall be again.   Cast aside too the infernal hankering for the distant might-be’s which is also futile and vain.

Surrender to the call of rest, see It as arms embracing, warm comforting. And in the here and now, in the quiet room of thy own soul,  know for certain all is well as you let it be,  and so it is.


– – Let Peace Reign Prayer- written by Apostle Grateful, 2016

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