Healing for your Soul

Are you feeling downcast today?

Has the toil and worries of this life been weighing heavy upon you?

Do you feel a little lost…and bewildered?

Are there moments when you feel like screaming and others where you just wish you could hide, hide away from it all?

if you have identified with most of these questions today do not worry, it is ok you are in the right place right now…

Your soul is inviting you to stop right where you are and in this moment inhale very deeply and exhale very forcibly and do this 3 times. Now close your eyes and begin to sense your breathing, listening to your breathing, inhaling and exhaling deliberately but without force or strain, taking regular unhurried breaths. Now here you might begin to notice that your thoughts are concerns about what else you should be doing. ignore them, and continue to notice only the sound and tempo of your breaths until you are completely at ease.

At the point of ease allow a smile on your lips, feel it moving your cheeks upwards, also your forehead. Breathe in the awareness of your smiling face and carry that smile towards your heart and the space around your head at the same time, feel it filling into the pith of your stomach and breathe in from there, and exhale from there.

Slowly open your eyes and feel your heart and inner realm opening up to life. Now what you will notice is that whilst you were doing the exercises and concentrating of your breath and deliberate breathing all your fears, worries and if you had pains prior they would have subsided into the moments of your focus. And at that time Life or you may feel more comfortable to say God or even The Universe but the truth is your situations would have become aligned with peace and goodness, beauty, and the source of supply so that there was now a real sense of peace.

It is very easy to get right back into the mode of worry, not-enoughness, fear, limitations, and doubt, etc but it is also possible to feel into gratitude and appreciation for the moments you felt peace, and so as you surrender into the peace, the Peace will also begin to fill your life and lift, and shift the trajectory of your attention and awareness of situations. But you will need to let go of doubt and worry, and you need to know that that is ok and that Life has your back. Then, though you are not able to see the whole picture of what comes next, you may enter that assured space of rest and peace in your soul in the present moment. This is your healing. This is your moment of transformation.

Peace and Divine Blessings.


Healing for your Soul was written for SoulClinic
by the Reverend Dr. Dawnecia Palmer, January 2020


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