Peacemakers and Training

Prayer Patrollers must undergo full training before going out on duty. Ongoing training is given and opportunities to build new skills to deal with and handle the ever-changing challenges that arise each year. Procedures are kept updated as government policies as also liable to change.

Prayer Angels are volunteers who commit to support and pray for the Foot Patrols as they go out, Their prayers are as shields to cover and encourage. The Angels may sometimes help with the monitoring forms and other administrative work, and are the “unseen force” behind the success of Patrols.

Prayer Patrols also help in education. They are highlighted as a subject to be studied in the Resource Pack for Foundation Stage KS1, KS2 and KS3. And are regularly invited into schools to do presentations of their work.

Motto: “Weapons and Violence is not an option. Education is a must, not only in subjects like Maths and English but self-awareness and respect for life.”

A global network of prayer, a force for good, a beneficial presence in the earth: to bless, protect, and actively engage with local communities.