No to Drink and Driving 2019


PRAYER PATROLS AND CITY PATROLS will be out and about on the streets of Bristol for 7 days starting 18th December through 24th December 2019.

They will be spreading their message of peace and safety, and goodwill to all men by way of encouraging NO to Drink and Driving.

The Patrols visited schools in order to share about their endeavors to help keep Bristol safe and as the season of festivities gets underway so too the levels of drink and driving crimes. The Reverend Palmer and her team of well-wishers hope that their presence will act as a deterrent and reminder to potential offenders.  She says “I hope that our little efforts over the period leading up to Christmas will help to lower accidents resulting from drinking and driving so that all may enjoy a happy and safe Christmas and New Year.”

The dates for ‘No to Drink and Driving’  patrols are as follows:

  1. Wednesday – December 18th morning Cabot Circus Shopping Mall.

  2. Thursday – December 19th  afternoon Broadmead Galleries.

  3. Friday- December 20th evening Easton.

  4. Saturday – December 21st morning Fishponds.

  5. Sunday – December 22nd morning Watershed  @ Bristol.

  6. Monday – December 23rd Old afternoon City covering King & Queen Square and Castle Park.

  7. Tuesday – December  24th morning St. Pauls covering Stokes Croft


The PEACEMAKERS Vision, Objectives, Strategies and Training are changing.

There are updates for Prayer Patrols and City Safety Patrols teams, and some exciting added initiatives planned for 2020 and beyond, which will take place in the UK, and further afield. Information on all these will be available to view in January 2020.

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