A Prayer for November, with pics and Reviews from September & October Prayer/City Safety Patrols

November is the month to remind us of all the positive things around us. From kindness day to thanksgiving day, November has many dates for us to remember the positivity.


Dear Lord and LIFE, Giver of days, and life of all, we are grateful for this Fall, and for the wonderful gifts this season brings. A time to ruminate on the goodness of provisions, and the many blessings we enjoy today. Receive our prayers of thanksgiving, with humble appreciation. Amen.

~ Blog & Prayer by Reverend Dr. Dawnecia Palmer, Fall 2023

September and October were very busy months for the Prayer & City Safety PATROLS

On the plinth in Eastville Park taking a stand for Peace and Safety in Eastville and the surrounding areas

PEACEMAKERS Prayer Patrols under the railway station, subways, and residential streets of EASTON

Praying peace for a troubled mum who was worried about her teenage daughter  –  St. Judes

St. Judes – praying with the disadvantaged

Crime Scene in St Pauls – A 61 year old black-skinned well liked resident known affectionately as ‘Issac’was brutally stabbed in the neck with a knife by a 36 year old white skinned  female, he sadly died later that day.

St Pauls, site of Issac’s murder  – PEACEMAKERS Prayer & City Safety Patrols called a candlelight prayer vigil the same night to honor his life, and to pray a peaceful trasition for his soul,  peace for his family, and the community. RIP

Friends, Community Elders, and grief stricken residents, prayed in solidarity for peace and safety in St pauls and Bristol. The scene of Issac’s killing  was within yards to an earlier stabbing , only a month before, of young 19 year old Eddie King affectionately known as EK.

Outside the Rastafarian Cultural Centre & St. Pauls Learning Centre

Bristol Cenotaph – Brave Families of stabbed Victims (Shevon Willson 17,  Eddie King  Muthemba kinuthia19, Tyrone William Hayman 17,  and Mikey Roynon 16) all tragically lost their lives to knife crime.  Grandmother, Mothers, Step Dad, Sisters, Brothers, Aunties, close relatives and friends gathered to call for an end to knives on their streets, and to say all lives matters.

Reverend Prophet Lorna Supria from London (middle in high-viz)  prayed with the families, and spoke words of encoragement to those who were gathered.

Prayer and City safety Prayer Patrol  engaging, comforting, and supporting mourners that had gathered to mourn the loss of Hubert Brown.

A brave young 12 year old boy from Henbury speaking up, calling for an end to knife crime. He said, “everyone in Bristol should speak out and not be quiet. Our voices will be heard. We will not be silent.”

“Let us pray that his pleas does not fall on deaf ears” ~ Rev Palmer

Photograph: PEACEMAKERS Chief and a few of the Prayer and City safety Patrol team, local Councillors, Representatives from Bleedkits, Ujima radio, Community workers, and residents, joined with Street Fathers ( middle blue Jackets and staff) who came from London in support of safer streets  in Bristol.

Artist Lorna da Angel got everyone to hold hands , and to sing along to ‘We are the World’

Many passersby stopped to lend their support.

A Street Father comforting the Mother of Shevon Wilson, a 17 years old, who was tragically stabbed and died near his home.

Bristol Green Councillor for Eastville Lorraine Francis speaks out

Bristol Councillor for Ashley Amirah Cole speaking out

Ujima Manager Minranda Rae speaks out, sharing a moving personal story, and warning against the dangers of carrying a knife, and the horror of someone actually deciding to use it to take another person’s  life.

Community Advocate and Peace Ambassador Julian Daves conducting the photo line up after delivering his soulful rendition of Martin Luther King’s ‘I have A Dream’ Speech. There were no dry eyes afterwards. This was a very moving and honourable part of the Protest.

Persons, young and old, various hues, backgrounds and demography   Attendees from their areas wrote heartfelt messages on the back of the of banners citing Bristol East, Bristol West, Bristol South and Bristol North.  At the count at the end of the day areas represented were as listed: St George, Eastville, Easton, Fishponds, St. Werburghs,  St. Pauls, Clifton, Redcliff,  Stonehenge, Stokes Gifford, Kingsdown,  Barton Hill, Stokes Croft, Montpelier, Bedminister, Kingswood, Withchurch,  Hartcliffe, Southmead, Henbury, Henleaze, Cotham,  and Redland.

PEACE MAKERS LIFES MATTERS Campaign wishes to thank everyone who attended, participated, or supported the cause in any big or small way. THANK YOU.On a quiet Patrol in a shady area of St.Judes

PEACEMAKERS Prayer Chief and Police Commmunity Safety Officer praying for Peace, on the Green in St. Pauls

 “If you ever visit the As the dead remember the past, So men of Freedom will ever force their will.For between the walls there is freedom. Me that lived the green fields is free to make music with the wind. So shall I.  With my people at heart My music and me – this is the truth for all.” Alfred Fagan 1937-1986

Praying with a young man on the Green in St. Pauls

  Patrols in HENBURYHenbury HIGH STREETHENBURY Patrols on Crow LanePartols on Arnside, Southmead

Downend HighStreet

Late Night Patrol  in St Pauls Halloween Night: Prayer and City Safety Patrols takes to the Streets. Their target areas – Stapleton Road, upper Old Market, Pennywellroad, Grosvernor Road, Rosemerry Avenue through Horley Rd, St Werburghs,  Stapleton Road, St Mark Rd bridge underpass, Clare Road, ending at the Fishponds Road Junction.Praying for safety at the Eastonway Dual-Carriageway,  Bristol

A THANK YOU ACKNOWLEDGEMENT:  The PEACEMAKERS Prayer and City Safety Patrol Lollypop  sign above, Banners, Flyers, PA, and Patrol Jackets were kindly sponsored by Avon and Somerset Police Constabulary.

PEACEMAKERS PRAYER PATROLS in partnership with Avon and Somerset Police Constabulary since 2002 and CRIMSTOPPERS UK since 2018

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