New Patrols Training in Nottingham..

PEACEMAKERS CEO and Chief Commissioner Prayer Patrols and City Safety Patrols was invite by Elohim Minitries Church to do a series of new Prayer Patrol training from 18th to 21st September, 2023. Following  the training, there was a LIVE Prayer Patrol Practise Assignment on the Robinhood Chace, in St. Annes area of Nottingham.

RobinHood Chance is linked to the chase of Robin Hood who was persued from Nottingham to York. Over the years the Chase has also had several links robbery, drug, gangs and other youth crimes. Though, originally it was built after the Enclosure Act of 1845 by means of providing a leisure space for the working classes.

Below is a short video clip created using several of the photos taken during the  Prayer Patrol Assignment. Unfortunately, we do not have photos of the training to add here.

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