A prayer entitled – Just for you today

You are here today because you need an answer befitting your circumstances. You came here believing that you would find the answer.  And it is true when I tell you that you are right, the answer is here, right now.

You see before you even knew to reach out to this prayer wall, the answer already presented itself.  How? Life inspired me write these words for you before you found the wall. Yes. yes?

” Here is the thing, the very request from the depth of your being is the answer itself.  The answer you seek is with you, has always been with you, within you within the breath “

Think about it?  Within that fantastic breath is your life which is linked to the All Life.  A force and energy that brought forth every thing into being, which has kept and is keeping everything even to this day.  Yes yes? awesome isn’t it?  This source of life is your life within the very breath you breathe.  How often do we even recognize that it is here, our greatest treasure, our opportunity for greatness, for love, for peace for abundance, for life itself.  What is greater than life?

And so in this realization, perhaps it is the first time for you to view your life in this way – in this most beautiful way.  Here, I will encourage  you to take a breath and Hold it!  Hold it for the count of 4 then let it go in gratitude. In gratitude as you recognize and  treasure the breath as the very life of God in you, as you.  Can anything defeat this breath?  No, not even death.  Death gives way to Life.

Life is not contained within the body nor indeed subject to it,  Rather it uses the body as a thoroughfare to give expression to even more life, beauty, abundance, and joy.   But as you know most people were not taught these truths. and so we got caught up on a journey in  consumerism, materialism, and the illusion of separation from our true divinity, which is our original birthright.

So endowed with this truth, may you find peace within your soul, may it transport you towards the Light of Grace that is more than sufficient to save you, to heal you, to forgive you, to revitalize and refresh you and to transport to you to your ultimate destiny.  Peace with self, with man, with God, with life.

And so in peace, one can begin to see the path very clearly, decisions that you need to make will appear, and struggles will decrease.  Now that you know that all you need for life and godliness is within you, you  will no longer look outside of yourself for help. To all this I say Amen and let it be.  And so it is!

Peace and Blessing.

 –  written by Apostle Grateful

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