Global Prayer – January

 From January 16th to January 31,  Peacemakers will  prayer patrol the 18 Countries in Block A as listed below

the world and people


16th January to 31st January 

 Afghanistan – Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

 Albania – Republic of Albania
 Algeria – People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria
 Andorra – Principality of Andorra
 Angola – Republic of Angola
 Antigua and Barbuda
 Argentina – Argentine Republic
 Armenia – Republic of Armenia
 Australia – Commonwealth of Australia
 Austria – Republic of Austria
 Azerbaijan – Republic of Azerbaijan
 Bahamas, The – Commonwealth of the Bahamas
 Bahrain – Kingdom of Bahrain
 Bangladesh – People’s Republic of Bangladesh
 Belarus – Republic of Belarus
 Belgium – Kingdom of Belgium

Actual Prayer will be posted on the site periodically.

“I pray that as best people will become more mindful, generating a deeper awareness towards right thinking and eventually finding themselves awakening into the right actions.”

“Together let us pray for a world where we begin to learn to love ourselves, with the desire to love others in the same way and ultimately seeing every person through the eyes of LOVE. This is my Hope on our  journey to Peace.”



A global network of prayer, a force for good, a beneficial presence in the earth: to bless, protect, and actively engage with local communities.