Hi, Thank you for visiting the Peacemakers Prayer Patrol site today and in particular for clicking onto our Inspiration’s’ Tab.

It is our intention here at PPP to bless Inspire Encourage Motivate and Uplift our visitors.

We realize that words are powerful and effective tools for Blessing the soul and healing the body .

So far…. we provided spaces for you to read the prayers at PRAYER POINT under ‘Prayers to Bless Your Soul’ and space for writing your own prayer requests via the CONTACT US/PRAYER REQUESTS tab.

Here on this INSPIRATION TAB, we endeavor to provide you with an array of inspirational materials to bless in the form of Letters, Stories, Poems, Quotes and Pictures that are drawn from a wide source of writers and artists.  Some will be by new writers with their own fresh unique style, which will blends with the more traditional and renown, thus creating an infusion of Blessing for all.  This is our hope this is our prayer.

NEW* From time to time from here we will also provide links to other sites/upcoming events that we feel might be beneficial to your soul’s health and peace of mind. (29th February 2016)

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