No Way out

It is dark in here

I feel all alone

Even though I am within a crowd

I seek for the door

But there is none

Where should I turn?


It feels like I am sinking,

Falling into nothingness

Nothing makes sense.


Shadows to my right and dark clouds on my left

And following close behind

Trails of ‘what was’ and ‘wished it had not beens’

O there is just no way out!


Then, somehow in the sadness, gloom and despair

Where it seem as if all hope is gone, and dreams are dead

Here I am prompted by a single, desperate thought  ‘look up’

And this I do with the faintest glance

light in the dark

When all of a sudden a flicker of light I behold

Of which its beams, upon my tortured soul shone

Until a way out now I see.



No Way Out  is written by the Reverend Palmer 2016

[This piece of Prophetic work written specifically for persons who have come to such a place in their existence where they are feeling isolated and traumatised by things around, so much so that they are struggling to cope with inner turmoils. At the same time they are also sensing the call by Life to make that leap out of the darkness, to wake up and face their reality, and to look up and away from the illusions towards the Light]








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