Early beginings – our vision and values

Peacemakers vision and values are:

To be a force for good, a beneficial presence bringing assurance, confidence, and safety to the areas patrolled.

To significantly reduce the volume of crime, in particular in areas of high gang/ gun/drug-related incidents and hate crimes. To Demystify and lessen the threat of crime in these areas and to console and support victims of crime.

To help build safer cohesive communities by working with local community members at the grass-root level, groups, organizations, schools, police and government projects.

To hold high moral standards. Individual personal responsibility for behavior, ensuring that no harm or disrepute to hinder or discredit the service of Peacemakers. Individual responsibility to uphold regular spiritual practices to maintain their spiritual prowess, a necessity for Prayer Patrols

“Prayer Patrols is just one of the many organizations working on the ground to help prevent anti-social behavior. We are accessible and visible, this makes a huge difference on the streets. We encourage people to use Crimestoppers which helps and gives Police more time to deal with the more serious crimes.” – Commissioner,  Reverend  Palmer.

A global network of prayer, a force for good, a beneficial presence in the earth: to bless, protect, and actively engage with local communities.