In this NOWNESS of awareness of the Magnificence, we call You God, LIFE, Light, Love, Creator, Blessed Holy One

By such or any other, You are More than. Great Nameless, Formless, Timeless Goodness. Hallelujah! Amen, Ameen, Ashay.

As a new September breaks forth in time on this earth plane,  I pray,  Let there be peace, let there be Love,  O let there be the sweetest Awareness of Your Presence.

May floods of Peace overwhelm the storms that are raging, ravishing, and torturing.  Set at naught the plans being conjured to harm or maim. Bring to bear Goodness and Grace into every space of the Globe. let there be nowhere on earth, the galaxies, and outer regions of the beyond that Your light does not reach. Yes, Great Law of LIFE, reach in and ripple the Waters of Change.

Then, come HOLY ONE. come as Peace, come as Hope, come to a waiting planet. And make Good again. Dwell with us. Father, Mother, Son, Daughter, Spiritus Sanctus. O Holiness overshadow now the fears. Clear away the dross. And Fill, Full, to the overflowing. Pour, yes pour, pour, pour…..

And in this Awakening, River of Divine Blessing, I surrender, on behalf of ALL, animate and inanimate. Accept this Awareness, Surrendering Now  I let it be. Hallelujahs singing from the Soul plane and Amen in Heart, each Chakra lauding Thanksgiving, Gratitude, and Appreciation.

Freedom is nigh, Freedom is here. I accept on behalf of the whole realm, body, soul, will, mind, and consciousness. Amen, Ameen, Ashay

A God-breathed Meditative Prayer ~ Reverend Dr Dawnecia Palmer h.c. AFP OBA - 2021

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