PEACEMAKERS: A Global Mission – Patroling the World

January 16th, 2016 marks the start of the Peacemakers Global Mission to Prayer Patrol the entire World, 206 Listed Countries.

“Our mandate for this year 2016 is to reach the whole world”,  says  Reverend Palmer Chief Commissioner of her hopeful band of Peacemakers Prayer Patrollers.  “I have been commissioned to pray three things for the world this year. These three things are Love Hope and Peace, in that order.”

“I pray that as best people will become more mindful, generating a deeper awareness towards right thinking and eventually finding themselves awakening into right actions.”

“Together let us pray for a world where where we begin to learn to love ourselves, with the desire to love others in the same way, then ultimately seeing every person through the eyes of LOVE. This is my Hope on our  journey to Peace.”

the world and people

 If you would like to be part of this Global Mission to pray for Love Hope and Peace for our world Please sign up on Global Prayer Sign In pop up form at the end this post.

You can also write your own prayers in the comments box and on approval it will be published in our comments section

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peacemakers prayer patrol global mission for April 2016.

 Bristol Prayer Patrol

The  Bristol Prayer Patrol Team has been under the radar in the UK for the past two years.  However they have not been completely out of Service during that time but have been involved in various Peace Projects in West Palm Beach, radio, patrols and presentations in Detroit,  and spotted in other regions of the US.


On New Years Day 2016 The Rev as she is affectionately known and the band of Patrollers wearing the usual high visibility Prayer Patrol jacket, met with visiting US Missionary Ivy Reid in Bristol and held their first Peace Vigil of the year.  They  gathered beside a large Peace banner on the grounds outside the Bristol City Council House Building adjacent to the Cathedral.Bristol_Cathedral_&_College_Green,_Bristol_-_DSC05688Prayers were made for various spheres of life such as the Civic and Spiritual leaders, Media, Business, Education, NHS and Hospitals etc, Youths, the Elderly, Family and children, Housing, Street Safety, drugs and gang related crime, and the Emergency Services.

A candle was lit by each person in response to a prayer topic.  At the end of the prayers the faithful band patrolled peacefully across College Green culminating on the Promenade where they stood in a circle holding hands for the final Blessing for the City and it’s expected visitors for 2016.

January – A Global Prayer for our World

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