Festival of Lights

November, December, Winter,  days are shorter, evenings darker, and depending on where you live, the weather is considerably colder too. Yet it is during this season that we most celebrate the rich luminosity of lights.  Image result for christmas lightFrom the oil lamps and candlelights of Diwali, fireworks on Bonfire night, the flickering glow of small tea lights hidden inside scary-faced pumpkins,  larger crackling fires of the Winter Solstice,  the nine-lights lampstands of Hanukkah, or the twinkling bulbs of Christmas, to the seven candles lit each day for for the Sabba of Kwanzaa.


And so,  for any going through a restless dark night of the soul this winter, these festivals of lights are invitations to share in the warmth and glow of The Light and to brighten the path on the journey of Life.

At this juncture, let us call to mind that great Master Teacher who said, “I am the Light of the world.” It is this light that lights everyone at birth. And furthermore, we are told that we are the lights of a city set on a hill. We came here loaded with light. Therefore, comprehend your shine.  And as we own our light, we shine a path for others to see and so find their way through the darkness.

– written by Reverend Dawnecia Palmer



May Peace like a mighty shower of rain wash over our souls today


May Peace Rain wash our streets, our towns and villages, cities and countries,  nations

Image result for rain

May Peace Rain flood our hearts

Flooding our dreams, and, finding sanctuary,Image result for rain

Peace Rain, here remain.


 Peace Rain, prayer for peace - composed by Reverend     Dawnecia Palmer October 2018


Peace, real peace begins inside. Peace starts with you. As we become open to this realisation, it allows an invitation for peace to enter and renew our lives.

Image result for peace

The changes we so desperately long to see in the world around us must already be happening inside us. As we wake up in consciousness to peace, we become a peace-giver to our own world and peacemakers for the world at large.Image result for peace

Seeing peace. Seek to see peace through lenses of peace, re-viewing each person as part of the global family of Life, the life of God, the Christ, the soul’s peace, thus creating peace for all.

Image result for peaceSo, step away from the noise of separation and not-enoughness, let go of fear and thoughts of pending dooms. Now, Turn inside, and with peace eyes, behold the vast domain of peacefulness! it is off the chain!

Plunge into the peace, lose your worry, disappointments and strivings for, let go regrets and mental garbage, and anything that may be blocking out the light of peace.
Create peace. Image result for peaceWe do not create peace by simply wishing for peace. How do we create peace?  We must ‘be aware’ that we came here embedded with a peace code. Peace, is man’s birthright,                                      the right trajectory and purpose of the soul.
  • Image result for peace Composed by Reverend Dawnecia Palmer - 2018


Time of Refreshings

May is indeed a time of refreshing as it is a time of hope.

As we advance toward the half-year mark we stand on this one step that stands, as it were, between what has been, and what is possible.

So here we get to engage and participate the greatest opportunity of our lifetime, the opportunity to choose.

What will your choices be?  Here you are given the chance to step in and step up, to the helm of your destiny: your unfolding.

Who and what am I? This fundamental question from which answers might well determine the rest of the year, the rest of your life.

At the core, you are the stuff from which you were beautifully formed. Designed to prosper in health and strength, beauty and love. All you could ever wish for and more that these are already within you. This, my friend, is the truth of your beingness.

Image result for mayAnd so, realising the truth about your essence will inform your choices going forward.

The way ahead is clear, inviting you to enter thereon, in the knowing that all is well and better still that all shall be well.

May each of us for the all of us, echo the soul’s sweet refrain ‘and so it is!’

And so it is.



AT The Edge…

The year 2018 is passing by so quickly.  The second hand of time swiftly diminishing into minutes. And minutes’ disappearing act as hours, days, and weeks, finally vanishing to become months, until here we are, already at the end of April: and somehow it seems as if it was only yesterday that we had said ‘hello January’.

Yes, time is swiftly passing by, but there is no need for us to be alarmed or worried. Eternity supersedes time and space, with endless, timeless days and nights.

Do you continue to check your watch and checking the clocks? And are you finding that there is less and less time to accomplish the goals you set and that you are barely making it in time? Just take a breath right here and know it is ok.

Not enoughness is a creation of an illusion theory that says that time is running out and that we are running out of time. But the truth is, you are an infinite being, of breath that cannot die. Your personality may be altered, changed or exchanged. The body form of which so many mistakes as themselves, choose to let us go when we least expect it to. But even though aspects of your experience may alter with time, or change or even to cease to exist as matter, know this truth, life endures forever.

And so as we approach the ending of each day, or week or month let us look beyond this single point.  Yes, your journey so far took you to this edge, but there are many other peaks ahead. We have been told do not look to the right or to the left on the path, and there is a reason for this. Whilst you are still heading towards the edge that is true, but once you get to the edge of that path, you should only tarry there briefly to appreciate and give thanks.

I call the end of each month an edge. An edge that shows me that I have come this far, but that I cannot stay, I must go on. I may tarry here to celebrate and give thanks but I must go on. And whilst many wishing the security and comfort zone of the middle ground have made this the place of their abode, I am not convinced, because I am of those that have come know that it is at the edge we find our wings.

Wings as new dreams and aspirations, an inner courage to go on come what may, reasons to hope again, strength to recalibrate, an inner impulse to forgive ourselves and others, and love to love.

–  written by Reverend Dawnecia Palmer

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When we think that we have been denied, abused, ill-treated, taken for granted, then, we either go low or set an intention to rise above.

When we go low we allow toxins to build up and multiply inside our system, clogging the arteries and shutting out the light, we lose our spark and illness ensue.

Whilst in our rising high, we invite the good endorphins to activate, sending messages across our systems to wake up, we become alert and highly motivated.

Image result for happy new year 2018And so, this year, make an intention of keeping your vibrations high. Let nothing and no one intimidate or shape your mode.

Steer your course to excel, to stay afloat, to stay awake.

Extend the wings of your imagination, the doorway to the heavenly realms of infinite possibilities. And step out into the open portal of self-forgiveness, and feel into the healing falls of divine grace and beauty, allowing it to bathe your senses.

Image result for happy new year 2018Create pockets of time within your day, each day, just to sit and appreciate the space that is you, taking in the awesome realisation that this is it. That this is all there really is, and here, surrender into this truth by letting go. Risk joy, it is possible. Risk rest, It is possible too.

Inhale deeply, and with your consciousness, of every fibre of your being, hold that breath in gratitude, for as long as you can, then, on your exhale feel yourself rise. Now say, “and so it is” – and so it is. Amen.

Penned by Dawnecia Palmer – Cleric, Soul Doctor & 21st-century Mystic

Image result for happy new year 2018

Life’s Perfect Timings

Hello there, I am glad that you could stop by today because I have commissioned a blessing to come your way, TODAY!Image result for blessing

Now, I know exactly what you are thinking if you are reading this for the first time, ‘yeah right! This could be for anyone as so many others may be also reading this too.’ Right? Well Yes and No. You see, whether another person is reading it or not, you are, and this is what really matters. A blessing is on its way to you right Now.

Now, what you do with this Blessing is all up to you. We are all personally responsible for how we treat our Blessings. The fact is each new day brings with it the original intent, wonderful opportunities, and unlimited blessings.

The problem is that most people do not know this or simply forget being caught up with what they think must be done, or what they think is happening to them. Right?

Image result for blessingBut here it is .. you are blessed, right here and right NOW. What does this mean? It means that you should be smiling right about now, in your heart and soul, and on your face. Wear that smile for a full 24hours. Look I am writing this stuff and it is morning time where I am, but it may be night time where you are, but it makes no difference, you can wear the smile to bed, and you will find that you will wake up smiling, how is that for a blessing! Or else you can wear your smile to work, to the laundry, take it to the shops with you, wear it around the house as you do your chores, or even as you jog. Whatever or wherever, just wear your smile as an acknowledgment to yourself of your Blessing, and after 24hours you will realize that an avalanche of good stuff has been released within, throughout, and is permeating all around you.

So, as I began this post with a Blessing, I will also close with a Benediction Blessing. Why not accept it? It’s yours. You deserve it. Can you say these 3 lines to yourself? Try saying it to yourself in the mirror, because the person looking back at you is the one who needs this message today. Yes, look that person in the eye and repeat “I accept this Blessing. It is mine. I deserve it”.  Now take a deep breath, and have yourself an outrageously blessed day.


This message was written by Reverend Dawnecia Palmer. 9.30am 20th September 2017


Peacemaking starts within ourselves. We initiate peace with our inner self first. This means coming to terms with who, what and where you are right now.

Throughout much of history, these four elements, love, peace, comfort, and supply has been the cause of unrest, up until today.   But it need not be the end of your story. The truth is that we came into being loaded and coded with peace seeds, love seeds, supply seeds and everything else that makes for our comfortability and wellbeing. The problem arose and continues to permeate society mainly because most people are still ignorant of these facts of life, and so are prone to look for peace, love, comfort and supply, outside of theirSelf.

There is beauty within you. Peace is the code for the soul. There is an abundance to supply every necessity in life. This is the truth of life. We came into this world lacking nothing, The knowledge of want, limitation, excess and greed are not our inherent qualities, although they have been passed down to us through generations of ignorance, masquerading as our birthright and destiny.

“Truth is, we were destined to thrive.  We were created to experience magnificence with every breath and to live from our inbred divinity. That is our true nature.”

Fear, worry, lack, limitation, hate, separation, and suffering are all manmade displacements and effects, to try to trick us into believing that this is all there is to life. The opposite is true, of course, there is no lack nor sorrow, nor unrest of any kind in life. It is our misunderstanding of what life is, that has kept our species in bondage to these inhumane ways of experiencing and expressing ourselves

Somewhere it is written, “The truth shall make you free”.  And so I will say as again as I did at the start,  ‘we must first find that peace for our self, we must find it within ourselves, and there make peace with our self until we become peaceFull.’  Then,  take every opportunity to express it, with the intention to share it with as many, and in as many ways as we can. This is the start of a wonderful journey, that of becoming a Peacemaker.

'Blessed are the Peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God'                        - Scripture


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