“I’ve just heard.. another young man stabbed to death in St. Pauls, Bristol, UK. These stabbings must STOP!!

I am appealing to Parents and Grandparents to step up to the plate to save our young people’s lives..IT could be YOUR CHILD OR GRANDCHILD, Nephew, Niece or Cousin NEXT!!

Let’s get proactive meet on the Green in St. Pauls Tuesday 25th July at 1pm (weather permitting) for a Patrols vigil for the lives lost through knives, and to say a firm 🚫⛔NO to knives on our streets…

~ Reverend Dawnecia Palmer – Chief Commissioner                      PEACEMAKERS Prayer and City Safety Patrols.🙏🏽👣

PEACEMAKERS Prayer and City Safety Patrols say NO to Knives Appeal and Campaign

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