PEACEMAKERS 9th Sound the Alarm  Midday Prayer Call  Wednesday 18th MAY 2022 via Google Meet Link below at 12Noon  https://meet.google.com/xbt-jkoo-rzb  

The  Prayer Call this Month will focus around the recent shootings and stabbings, both here in the UK’s local communities  as well as in the US and the world at large.

On Saturday 14th May, a day which started off as a normal shopping day for many going to their local Tops Supermarket in Buffalo, US, shoppers were met with bullets flying everywhere by an 18 year old, who wilfully massacred ten people.

“Something is wrong here. Something is very wrong when you cannot go food shopping without the fear of being killed while doing so. Something is wrong when your young folk cannot leave their home without feeling they have to carry a large knife to protect themselves, therefore they end up killing or seriously wounding one another. Something is wrong when folk prefer  stay in their churches and homes  and complain, whilst their streets are taken over by thugs.  We need to take back our streets. We must let our voices be heard, and not only when there is blood shed.”

In a recent conversation with an old friend we looked at how we will answer in response to ‘what little have you done?’ specifically to do with the area of street crime and violence.  It is easy to sit in the pew, or home, and even to fast and pray.  However, it seems to me that there is a reckoning being made right about now, and that is, the call get bums off seats, and more legs on the streets.

We also need to let our voices be heard in local and national  newspapers, radio stations, television, YouTube,  and other Social Media. Let our disgust about these inhumane acts of violence be heard, loud and clear. “Enough is Enough. NO MORE MURDERS!” To that end I am in the process of trying to creating media, such as banners, T-shirts, caps, and flyers.” ~ Reverend Dr. Palmer

Earlier this month PEACEMAKERS Patrol lonely lanes, back streets and cycle tracks in Bristol’s BS2 and BS5 areas

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