A Call for Peace ‘makers’

The Mission to pray for each of the World’s 206 Countries continues.

From Saturday February 12th to Monday 29th February 2016. PEACEMAKERS will Prayer Patrol another 17 countries.

During the month of January there were daily vigils for 18 Countries, with signups from peoples across the globe.

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This is a call to engage and participate in a Global Vision for Love Hope and Peace. Everyone is invited to pray with us or simply to show their support by filling out the sign up form below. 


Reverend Palmer                                                                                         photographed during a recent prayer vigil                                                           in Bristol, United Kingdom


hands for peace

“Be the Change you desire and Together we  can Transform our World”  – Apostle Grateful

  • Please sign in  on Global Prayer SignUp form
  • You can also write your own prayers in the comments box and on approval it will be published in our comments section
  •  View more by clicking on Global Prayer Patrol TAB

or https://peacemakersprayerpatrol.com/global-prayer-february/





10 thoughts on “A Call for Peace ‘makers’”

  1. It was a great blessing to pray with Rev Palmer and the prayer patrol team Saturday June 4th 2016
    The vision is not a black church and not a white church but the body of Christ. We are one in Christ and we are to flourish through the word of God.
    Bless you Apostle Palmer in your vision to see the cities of America become the cities of light.
    Together we will achieve more.
    Go in his power.
    Denise Edwards

    1. Indeed, woman of God! It is a blessing and encouragement to hear that you and others turned out for Saturday’s Prayer Patrol in Detroit. It is written in Scriptures that the young King David, used took only one of five small stones to slay the giant killer, Goliath! And so I believe that in the same manner, and by the same Spirit, great and awesome things was conceived in Detriot on Saturday; through the few as tiny seeds of faith, but impregnated with the ‘Thus saith of God’ as implemented by the faithfulness of Reverend Palmer (aka Apostle Grateful) to declare it so. And so it is. Amen. I encourage you to keep on holding forth the ‘vision of truth’until it’s fruition. Thank you so much for your comment. And please do stop by our site from time to time to see what great things is being done for His glory, as well as to post your inspiring comments. I know that they will spur on others in their faith. Peace and Blessings to you and yours. – PEACEMAKERS Prayer Patrol Practitioner

    2. Blessings to you and yours, Apostle Denise Edwards. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and leave your comments and encouraging words here. Reverend Palmer and the Prayer Team were blessed and honoured by your presence and support on that mission.
      Our vision truly sees all Cities as Cities of light, including America. We advocate unity, togetherness and oneness, in our resolve for peace, it is our continual prayer and the purpose of our mission. We appreciate your blessings, and, as you had advised, we shall go forth in power! Amen. Wishing you and all in Michigan a glorious 2019 when Reverend Palmer hopes to take her Peace Teams again on the streets and suburbs of Detriot. Hope that you and your Team will be able to join us too. Peace and abundant blessings.
      – PPP Practioner

  2. We need Peace desperately in Our World…i Pray many will join this mission and get involved to bring hope…i definately support…Every Blessing

    1. Your support means a lot to our work and to mission for global peace. This awesome vision of course will only happen as people like you continue to help us keep our online presence relevant. We endeavor to do our best to update all the PAGES regularly with fresh new soul inspiring quotes, poetry, writings, prayers, news, and media, to give visitors to the site an interesting and inspirational experience each time. Please introduce it to your family, friends and social media contacts. Namaste. Rev

    2. Here, here!! I agree with you. These days there is so much going on and we’ve got caught up with the outward struggle to make ends meet so much. Rather we get the right balance of inner and outer peace. Bless!

      1. The Right balance of inner and outer peace. Indeed this is a great encouragement. As you say the outward struggle of trying to make ends meet is the imbalance of the inner workings of struggle. But as you rightly suggested, creating peace inwardly will inevitably exude peace outwardly. O let peace reign is our continual prayer focus.
        Thank you for standing with us in the mission for peace on earth and goodwill to all. We wish you the very best going forward.
        – PPP Practioner

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