PEACEMAKERS End-of-year Prayerthon

The stories following the 2020 Covid pandemic is not like anything the world could have envisioned as we came to the close of 2019. At that time PEACEMAKERS issued a CALL to PRAYER, inviting people to join them on the streets of Bristol and globally, to pray forgiveness, healing, and closure for the old – and blessings and favor for the new. The invitation was met with a mediocre response reflecting a business as usual attitude to prayer and the power of unified prayers.


As we approach the end of 2020 PEACEMAKERS is sending out a Global Invitation to join with the Bristol Prayer Patrol and City Safety  Patrols as they embark on 7 days online Prayerthon, which will include a Prayer Circle Meetup in Bristol.


The online Prayerthon will begin at 6 am on Monday 14th December 2020 and ending at 6 pm Sunday 20th.  The Prayer Circle Meetup will be towards the front entrance of Eastville Park on Saturday 19th, at 2 pm for 1hour.


We are asking people to send PRAYERS via this Website by clicking on the COMMENTS Tab and posting your prayers there. The Prayers will then be uploaded to the Prayerthon Page. We aim to Print them as sent, so please do check your content and spelling carefully before posting. Individuals may post as many times as possible over this period.


The Global Prayer topic for the outgoing year 2020  is FORGIVENESS, HEALING, and CLOSURE.

The Global Prayer Topic for the upcoming year 2021 is  SAFETY, PEACE, HEALTH, and PROSPERITY.


Please pass on this post to your family and friends. Together in harmony, we will help to create a powerful Vibration of Good on the Planet.

We are asking people to send PRAYERS via this Website by clicking on the COMMENTS Tab and posting your prayers there. The Prayers will then be uploaded to the Prayerthon Page you can view it HERE

Many thanks in Advance.

Reverend Dawnecia Palmer AFP                                                                                Chief Commissioner, PEACEMAKERS


PEACEMAKERS All Hallows Night Prayer Patrol

The streets were surprisingly sparse as the small band of hopefuls set out into the dark chilly night on All Hallows Eve 2020, their fluorescent jackets and candle holders glowing in the dark.

They stopped to pray at various locations scheduled for this patrol, beginning at Easton, Easton Way, through St Agnes, and into St. Pauls, then cutting back through St. Werburghs to finish on Stapleton Road. 

These are familiar grounds for most of the team members, and they are aware of how far things have moved for the better since the early days of Peacemakers Prayer Patrols, when crimes, gangs, and violence marked these areas. Then, Patrols were visibly out prayer patrolling days and nights.


The highlight of the night took place on the Green outside the St. Pauls’ Learning Centre in St. Pauls. Here they formed a Prayer Circle by placing lit candles in a circle on the ground and linking hands, as the City Safety Patrol officer read a prayer she had composed and written especially for the occasion. “That was a very moving moment for me,” remarked a new volunteer afterward.


As the team gathered to pray, several youths were also gathering in the distance across the street, and they were behaving very badly, throwing fireworks in the air and at passing cars. This did not perturb the group, they persisted in prayer, and in a short space of time, on hearing the Police siren the youths scrambled and ran away.

The people in each area seemed very welcoming and happy to see the patrols, most hailing them in a friendly manner as they passed by, with both sides maintaining the social distancing rules.

Along the main high street in St. Pauls, a woman stopped and asked them to pray for her knees. The group prayed for her on the spot, and there was a distinct tone of relief in her voice as she thanked them and waved goodbye. Later on, they stopped to speak with the young owner of a newly opened Beauty Salon. She said she welcomed the prayers and their encouraging words for the future of her business.

The night got progressively colder, and as they came to an end of the Patrol, someone commented, “At least we did our part, we can only hope that we did some good and lit the darkness.”


Written by Reverend Palmer, Chief Commissioner – PEACEMAKERS