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Peacemakers and Respect4Life founder Reverend Dawnecia Palmer says ” I condemn this brutal shooting. It was  a calculated act of violence against members of the human race, in whom is the breath of Life. To each being is given the precious gift of ‘chance’to express and experience this life freely. Everyone has the right to live their portion of this life without terror, threat, verbal, mental or physical abuse or assault and any other ‘…cide’ action which brings another’s life to an end.”

Genesis chapter 2 verse 7 says, “Then the Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living being or living soul.”

According to this text, we are living souls in whom dwells the breath of life, that is the life of God. Here we see the focus shifting from the base frame of the temple to the quality and purpose to who and what lives in the temple.  Who lives you?

Who lives you is your life. There is only one life, and one truth. We may debate this fact but it will never change the truth of it. You cannot kill life. Life lives as in eternal. This is why I  believe that these insensible barbaric inhumane acts of murders are futile. Of course, we will miss the physical, dust form to  which we have become familiar, through our various relationships , such as parents, children, family, spouse, friends, and so on. But we must know this, life doth not die. Never. Ever. Those who can grasp this truth will conquer the fear that those who commit these atrocities seeks to perpetuate.

I take this opportunity to say. I do not condone killings of any sort. In fact, I condemn every murderous act, be it through thought, will or action. And So, let us acknowledge Life. Let us be grateful for life. And let us strive to preserve life.

In closing, my prayer goes out to those who lost someone during the Orlando shooting, for those who were injured, for the neighbourhoods and the City, as they mourn  the losses, heal from the pain, that they may begin to move forward to live, despite the memories of the awful tragedy.  Amen.”