Peacemakers Prayer Patrols warming hearts in Fishponds and Easton

Feedback for Fishponds Patrol

It was good to be out Prayer Patrolling on the streets of Bristol again, especially as we were going to be in Fishponds, an area that we had not prayer patrolled before.  This is a very popular shopping area consisting of the usual Post Office, banks, supermarkets, retail shops and general stores, small local enterprises, schools, churches, bingo hall, public houses, car showrooms, and a thriving convenient bus route into City Centre, train and bus stations.wp_20161022_14_30_17_pro_li

So, it was a big shock to us, as well as for the residents of the Fishponds area, a couple of weeks prior to our patrol, to learn that a young 10-year boy was viciously attacked by thugs as he walked home.  The boy suffered grievous injuries to his head and body after he was beaten up and thrown to the ground, and kicked many times. The thugs then ran off and left him there until a passer-by came along and found him bloodied, lying on the pavement only  a couple of yards away from the main traffic light and pedestrian crossing. [*See Newspaper report on this story at the end of our reports]

wp_20161022_14_36_07_pro_liIt was a bitterly cold Saturday afternoon but we were determined to bring the  warmth of our prayers and goodwill to the streets of Fishponds. We felt that Prayer Patrol would serve as a timely crime prevention tool and a good way to help re-boost morale and confidence on the streets.  It was a very interesting and well-received Patrol.  Several Passersby stopped and engaged at our Prayer Stops, where our two youngest patrollers, ages four and five, along with older members of the team prayed with them. Many people told us that they were moved by the braveness and prayers of the children.  One man was so moved that he ran across the road  to the Bakery and came back laden with cakes for them.

It appears that the incident with the boy was a one off, the perpetrators were caught, and the attack is in no way a reflection of this usually peaceful, contemporary area of Bristol.

Report by Rev palmer, October 2016

Feedback for Easton & Old Market Patrol

It had just started to rain as we headed out for the Easton and Old Market Prayer Patrol, but our spirit was high. It has been a while since we did patrols on this particular route. The streets were exceptionally quiet, perhaps because it had been raining on and off during the afternoon.

Our starting point for the Easton  Patrol was St Marks Churchsugar-loaf which is next door to Sugar the Loaf Pub. The church was closed and not one church member in sight, but the pub was open and three men sat outside having a drink in the drizzling rain. At first, they were intrigued with our high viz jackets and then became even more interested when we told them that we were out Peace-Keeping and blessing the area. The rain continued to fall, becoming heavier as we went along, soon there was no sign of anyone walking the streets, so we decided to take a shortened route back to the base.
3-back-birdsNearing the Three Black Birds Pub we noticed a man standing in the doorway, drinking a beer and enjoying a cigarette.  As we got to him we did our usual greeting and he responded cheerfully and wanted to  engage us in conversation, he also had a prayer request, which we told him we would pray about once we got back to base.  But as we were moving away he called out “Please. Please, Please remember to pray”, it was urgent and we did.

Our final prayer stop was at a newly opened Resturant in the area. The owner welcomed our prayer for his new business, and even offered to feed us, and although the food smelt lovely and the atmosphere inviting but we had to decline his offer as we were still on duty.

This was one of our shortest ever patrols owing to weather conditions, and we finished soaked but greatly inspired.

 Report by Rev Palmer, November 2016

 Bristol Post Report

Child thugs ‘racially abuse’ boy, 10, in Bristol before ‘dragging’ him from street and attacking him

By LewisPennock  |  Posted: September 06, 2016

Ten-year-old boy was racially abused and assaulted

Child thugs hurled racist abuse at a 10-year-old boy in Bristol before taking him onto a building site and launching an assault, police believe.

Two boys allegedly shouted racist abuse at the victim, then reportedly forced him off the street and ‘kicked, punched’ and hit him against scaffolding.

The attack, which happened yesterday in the Station Avenue South area of Fishponds, near Morrisons supermarket, is being treated as racially motivated by police.

Detectives say they have ‘identified’ two boys, aged 11 and 12, who they will formally interview about the assault.

The victim was left bloodied and bruised, with injuries to his face and body, and had to be taken by ambulance to Bristol Children’s Hospital for treatment.

The ordeal, which began at about 6pm, only came to an end after a passer-by saw the boy trapped inside the building site then helped him out and took him home.

Detective Inspector Steve Cartlidge, from Avon and Somerset police, said: “We’re treating this as a racially motivated crime due to words used by the offenders during the assault.

“Two boys, aged 12 and 11, have been identified and spoken to by officers and we’re arranging for them to be formally interviewed.

“The victim is due to be video interviewed to gain a full picture of what happened.”

In a public Facebook post, family members claim the boy was on his way to a friend’s house when the broad daylight assault was launched.

It is alleged the attackers shouted racist abuse then ‘dragged’ the boy into the building site and attacked him.

The family said a passer-by took the boy home and an ambulance then took him to hospital.

A spokesman for South West Ambulance Service said they took the boy to hospital with head injuries, following a ‘suspected assault’.

The boy also suffered bruising to his body and back.

DI Cartlidge added: “Any form of hate crime will be thoroughly investigated and we will be supporting the victim’s family and keeping them fully informed of our progress.

“We’d like to thank the local community for the help they’ve already provided to us, as well as the woman who came to the victim’s aid following the assault.

“If anyone has information about this incident, or if you were in the Station Avenue South area of Fishponds at the time it happened, please call us as soon as possible.”

Anyone with information should call police on 101 quoting reference number 5216197665.



Mum releases pics of son’s horror injuries after ‘racist thugs’ dragged him to a disused building and battered him with a wooden plank

THE fuming mum of a boy who was battered with a wooden plank in an alleged racist attack has released photos of his horrific injuries to raise awareness of hate crimes.

Awais Ali was walking to a friend’s house when two older boys “called him a p**i” and demanded he hand over his phone and money.


Awais Ali, 10, suffered horrific injuries at the hands of the yobs who left a trainer print on his back after stamping on him



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