PEACEMAKERS Prayer Patrols Blessing the City of Detroit


Coleman A Young Municipal Buildingcolman young    2 Woodward Avenue, Downtown, Detroit, Michigan.spirit of detroit


Peacemakers Chief, Reverend Palmer, will be joined by residents of the City of Detroit, as well as visitors from several other Cities in Michigan, USA, to Prayer patrol within the vicinity of The City Hall for the purpose of Releasing and Blessing the City and it’s people. The event will start with prayer and praise 1pm,  close to City Hall.


The Rev’s Prayer

“There has been a ton load of petition, supplication and all sort of prayerful activities with certain amount of evangelism going on within this area over the years, along with many of these well meaning, goodwill ventures, and entwined within their programmes, has been the subtle hint of the ego, and a mega-fest of infighting for ownership of the presumed results.  This way of doing things is so putrid to the taste bud of a Holy God, and the way of Grace, that there remaineth the seeds of greed, conspiracy, corruption and a false sense of self-righteousness. No-one has the monopoly on God. No. Not a man, not a woman. Not a class nor creed. Not the Church and certainly not the state. We cannot outwit His righteous decrees. We cannot manipulate His hand to work within our set programmes nor our manmade schemes, for the sake of our lust and the intent of some grand position. No.  His Way Is perfect. His Way is Just and Right. It hath been declared ‘not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit’…and Spirit doth not need help. It is only as we are willing to align and attune with The Spirit of Life in God that true transformation happens.  By true transformation, meaning, where no one person, (that includes me) can be attributed the glory.  I think that for too long the spirit of Detroit has been Hall atlas                               And it is about time that the Spirit of God is the true Spirit IN Detroit. I say Let it be so dear Lord. Amen.”



You are invited to JOIN WITH US.

For more information please contact the Detriot Prayer Patrol coordinator, on Telephone 347 216 5140 or by using the Contact Us tab above.

Detroit building

The Good News Station TV new Station Manager Apostle Hodge will be recording live  interviews with the Rev in the Lansing Studios startingTuesday 7th June 2016,  Cable 19 Comcast

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5 thoughts on “PEACEMAKERS Prayer Patrols Blessing the City of Detroit”

  1. Our prayers is with Rev Palmer and the prayer patrol Detroit
    Believing God for his release of souls for the kingdom
    Bishop Joan Richards
    Elohim ministries

    1. Amen and amen! Blessings to you Bishop Richards and the Ministry of Elohim Ministries in England. Thank you for your kind encouragement and support for the work. We value your comment and prayers very much. Please continue to stand with us in prayer, as we continue our Peacemakers Prayer Patrols USA. Next Patrol Atlantic City 15/6/2016. Peace and Blessing. – PPP Practitioner

  2. Fantastic News…..Great to See the Patrols in America again…the effect in the UK has been transformational….im sure this will be the case in America too……definately supporting in Prayer…We need Global Peace….Such a Blessing

    1. Blessings to you woman of God! Your encouraging words continue to spur us on and encourage our tenacity to see the work through. We are indeed grateful for your support in prayer and faithfulness to keep visiting the site, this is such a blessing to the work. Yes. We do need Global Peace. Amen!! – PPP Practitioner

    2. Giving thanks for your support in prayer and visitation of our site, your comments are like peace rain on fertile soil, we can only but grow more and more by it. Thank you. And YES to Global Peace. Amen.
      – PPP Practioner

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