There are myriads of angels all around us every day.

ᐈ Angel easy to draw stock pictures, Royalty Free vintage girl praying icon | download on Depositphotos®What are angels? And what do they do? Angels are heavenly protectors, guides, helps, messengers, of peace and goodness.

Though mostly invisible in form, nevertheless their presence has been felt most effectively during those times when we most needed a miracle or a way up, and out.

Angel praying logo Royalty Free Vector Image - VectorStockWe are not called to worship nor to build alters to Angels, but to simply acknowledge that they exist, and are always available and accessible.

Most of us were taught that angels have wings, and I am one that has experienced the kindnesses and good deeds of those without wings, whose grace and genteel manner was just as angelic.

PictureCOMING SOON: As the UK opens up after the Lockdown, PEACEMAKERS  is also preparing to launch a new Peace Angels pilot, here in Bristol.

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