New Year’s Day Prayers for City of Bristol 2016

Peace Makers Prayer Patrols are on the move again, they aim to start off 2016 by hitting the streets of Bristol with Prayer and well wishes for the city, for one hour, on New Years day, 1st January 2016 at 1 pm .

It is to be the first of many such Events of Conference, Talks and Workshops being planned for 2016 to take place here in Bristol as well as in the USA.  Peacemakers Prayer Patrols describes themselves as ‘a beneficial  presence for peace and safety on the streets, and a viable global spiritual source of  healing, support, and blessing  through their *New online service.  Here, visitors to their website are invited to post their prayer requests.  They will also be given opportunity to peruse the Prayer Wall for inspirational texts, videos and to see other products on offer.

The Event will starts at 1 pm outside the Council House on College Green, with prayers and well wishes for the city and for the peoples of Bristol from every sphere of life.  They will then proceed to patrol across Park Street, along past the Hippodrome, crossing at the traffic lights onto the  Promenade.  On the Promenade they will then form a circle by holding hands for the Benediction Blessing.


Anyone interested in the prosperity, well-being and safety  of the City is invited to ‘just turn up’ (on time) on the day.  Flasks of tea and coffee will be provided afterwards but if those coming could bring a flask with sufficient to share with someone else, then cups will be provided.

” …. the good intention for peace and goodwill for person place or thing”  The art of Prayer-  by Reverend Dawnecia Palmer

10 thoughts on “New Year’s Day Prayers for City of Bristol 2016”

  1. As we enter into this new season of Kingdom Advance, God’s Ekklesia, The Governing Church are standing in the gap for the transformation of our Cities and Nations. To this end we work while it is day, to do His will and to finish the work He has given us to do. As we partner together with the Lord and with each other as Kingdom legislators we will see His Kingdom come and His will done on earth as it is in heaven. Keep up the good work Rev Palmer

    1. Indeed the time is Now and the season ripe for the manifestation of Heaven on Earth. Rev Supria I like your terminology ‘Kingdom Legislators’, to that end we press in, and as you say, we endeavor to stand in the gap for a Global Transformation. Thank you again for your support. Rev

  2. I will be praying!!! What a blessing to be able to participate all the way from the US! This is SO wonderful! Very exciting!!! Thank you Rev Palmer for your faithfulness to your call. He is faithful and He hears our prayers.

    1. All the way from the US! Great!! Thank you Kristi for these encouraging words and your enthusiasm. Indeed our prayers are heard, and the marvelous thing is this – we can have an assurance that they will be answered – although perhaps not how what or where we expect. Please keep praying for us. Peace and Blessings to you.

  3. Powerful mission,timely and appropriate for the times and a magnificent website as the online vehicle to promote,facilitate and enhance the work of God.
    His work must be done and His Kingdom be advance.

    1. Thank you Mr Carr for your encouraging and inspiring comments. HIS the Glory. Truly we are in a season of Grace and great favor. I know that the daily Inspirational Classes under your Tutorage at The Academy of Success Happiness and Full Potential has also been a tremendous blessing globally. And as we are advancing towards a new year, I pray that both our Mission to reach bless and endow lives for the best will be realized. Peace and Blessing. Rev

  4. This is a positive initiative for Bristol. God has Bristol on His heart so let’s not lose heart. God is raising up a prayer covering over the Nations and calling His Ekklesia as Watchmen Upon the Walls of their Communities, Cities and Nations. It’s time for the Voice of God’s People to be seen and heard and we will not be silent until we see transformation happen.

    1. Thank you for your encouragement. The site is really in it’s infancy stages but we must proceed to encourage and spread the good news of what’s on, whilst further development are underway. Please keep supporting our work by posting like you did, or poems, quotes or inspirational text that you feel would bless our visitors to the site and together we will bless the world. Please also submit prayer requests and encourage those you know that might just need a prayer lift….and don’t we all need this from time to time. Many thanks again with Blessings to you and yours. Rev

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