Life’s Perfect Timings

Hello there, I am glad that you could stop by today because I have commissioned a blessing to come your way, TODAY!Image result for blessing

Now, I know exactly what you are thinking if you are reading this for the first time, ‘yeah right! This could be for anyone as so many others may be also reading this too.’ Right? Well Yes and No. You see, whether another person is reading it or not, you are, and this is what really matters. A blessing is on its way to you right Now.

Now, what you do with this Blessing is all up to you. We are all personally responsible for how we treat our Blessings. The fact is each new day brings with it the original intent, wonderful opportunities, and unlimited blessings.

The problem is that most people do not know this or simply forget being caught up with what they think must be done, or what they think is happening to them. Right?

Image result for blessingBut here it is .. you are blessed, right here and right NOW. What does this mean? It means that you should be smiling right about now, in your heart and soul, and on your face. Wear that smile for a full 24hours. Look I am writing this stuff and it is morning time where I am, but it may be night time where you are, but it makes no difference, you can wear the smile to bed, and you will find that you will wake up smiling, how is that for a blessing! Or else you can wear your smile to work, to the laundry, take it to the shops with you, wear it around the house as you do your chores, or even as you jog. Whatever or wherever, just wear your smile as an acknowledgment to yourself of your Blessing, and after 24hours you will realize that an avalanche of good stuff has been released within, throughout, and is permeating all around you.

So, as I began this post with a Blessing, I will also close with a Benediction Blessing. Why not accept it? It’s yours. You deserve it. Can you say these 3 lines to yourself? Try saying it to yourself in the mirror, because the person looking back at you is the one who needs this message today. Yes, look that person in the eye and repeat “I accept this Blessing. It is mine. I deserve it”.  Now take a deep breath, and have yourself an outrageously blessed day.


This message was written by Reverend Dawnecia Palmer. 9.30am 20th September 2017

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  1. I Really enjoyed reading this post…it Really registered with me and got me thinking,which is a good thing……especially about ‘wearing the Smile’

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