Peacemaking starts within ourselves. We initiate peace with our inner self first. This means coming to terms with who, what and where you are right now.

Throughout much of history, these four elements, love, peace, comfort, and supply has been the cause of unrest, up until today.   But it need not be the end of your story. The truth is that we came into being loaded and coded with peace seeds, love seeds, supply seeds and everything else that makes for our comfortability and wellbeing. The problem arose and continues to permeate society mainly because most people are still ignorant of these facts of life, and so are prone to look for peace, love, comfort and supply, outside of theirSelf.

There is beauty within you. Peace is the code for the soul. There is an abundance to supply every necessity in life. This is the truth of life. We came into this world lacking nothing, The knowledge of want, limitation, excess and greed are not our inherent qualities, although they have been passed down to us through generations of ignorance, masquerading as our birthright and destiny.

“Truth is, we were destined to thrive.  We were created to experience magnificence with every breath and to live from our inbred divinity. That is our true nature.”

Fear, worry, lack, limitation, hate, separation, and suffering are all manmade displacements and effects, to try to trick us into believing that this is all there is to life. The opposite is true, of course, there is no lack nor sorrow, nor unrest of any kind in life. It is our misunderstanding of what life is, that has kept our species in bondage to these inhumane ways of experiencing and expressing ourselves

Somewhere it is written, “The truth shall make you free”.  And so I will say as again as I did at the start,  ‘we must first find that peace for our self, we must find it within ourselves, and there make peace with our self until we become peaceFull.’  Then,  take every opportunity to express it, with the intention to share it with as many, and in as many ways as we can. This is the start of a wonderful journey, that of becoming a Peacemaker.

'Blessed are the Peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God'                        - Scripture


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