PEACEMAKERS Be Safe Nights Coming Soon

The City Safety Patrollers and Prayer Patrols are looking for volunteers to join them for the upcoming Be Safe Night Nights in particular Halloween October 31st, 2020, and Bonfire Night November 5th, 2020. A short training is required for persons wishing to participate in these Patrols.

Training will be conducted online via “Google Meet” where details of the Be Safe Nights patrols, patrol areas, and personal requirements, will be revealed and explained. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions during this time.

Google announces a bunch of features to bring Meet on par with Zoom
Pic of a Google Meet screen

Interested parties are invited to log their interest via the Contact Page on the website at OR by email to, and they will be sent a link, with instructions on how to join the ‘Google Meet’ training. Anyone with a Google account Gmail email address will find the ‘MEET’ image whenever they tap on the Gmail icon either on their phone or PC. The instructions to join via the link we send will be quite straight forward and easy to navigate.

We look forward to Being a part of Safer Bristol and the PEACEMAKERS Global vision for Creating Safer Communities and a More Peaceful World.

Need Prayer today? Go to the CONTACT US or PRAYER REQUESTS section on the website. Enter your details and what you would like us to pray about. *Please note your personal information is kept safe and only be shared with the Practitioners praying for you.

Please take the opportunity to donate to our work TODAY by heading over to the DONATE button. Thank you.

Peacemakers, officers, foot-patrols, in-house practitioners, admin staff,  website manager, all give of themselves selflessnessly and tirelessly to the ministry. They give their service to provide space and place, physical accessibility for neighborhoods prayer support, online information, prayers, prayer support and encouragements, financial upkeep for equipments and uniforms, awareness events, monthly meetings, and travel expenses, and upkeep of our website. But most importantly is the time they give. Each person gladly sacrifices his or her time and energy for the love of you. Their vision and goal is to create safer more peaceful communities in our neighborhoods, in this generation, and for generations to come. Your Donations helps to meet these goals. Your gift of giving makes our service worthwhile. THANK YOU.


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