We are in the season of a Government advised lockdown, a season the pandemic due to a dangerous virus that has affected our Nation, and almost every other Nation on our planet. Fear has gripped many and there is panic in the air. There are new cases being reported every day. Yet in the midst of all these PEACEMAKERS have been vigilant in prayers and support. We have had to follow the Government Guidelines and close down the activities and Patrols that were due for the end of March and April, but our Vision and Prayers of the Teams are NOT in lockdown neither can prayer ever be on lockdown or stopped.

Praying the change we want to see

We at PEACEMAKERS vow to be vigilant in Praying. Prayers and Support is our way of being and therefore a way of life for us, whether it is visibly such as the foot-patrols and outdoor activities in the community or in the invisibility background as we are adopting in this season, we want you to know that a mighty fervent powerhouse of prayers is going on every single day and night.


Peacemakers Prayer Patrols – april 2020

We are asking you to please level your prayer requests or Prayer in the Comments section on this site and we will be sure to review your prayers and post them under of Prayer Section on the site so that your prayer may bless uplift and help to heal our world. Simultaneously, we will address your Prayer request with urgency and readiness to take action in praying for you.


A Prayer of Strengthening in this season from the PEACEMAKERS Chief Commisioner: 

“I want YOU to know that Life is for YOU. Go ahead and say it ‘Life is for me’. Next, I want you to know and to be positively assured that Life is NOT against you in anyway. Whatever you might be facing right now I pray Change. I pray a Mighty Change will shift your present situation and set of circumstances to make it OK. I give Thanks and declare it DONE, and so it is! Now, all you have to do is to Watchout for your answers every single minuite of your day. Believe for the imposssible. Be Grateful and Give Thanks every single day.  Bless You. Bless You. Amen and amen”

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