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“I Name 2022 a year of Grace.

Calling in four seasons of light .

Blessing all New-borns.

Opening new Portals of Forgiveness,

Ushering in fresh Wellsprings of Healing and Miracles.

Announcing and Declaring  Access to ALL.

Breaking and pulling down every wall of division, separation, prejudice, malice, mistrust, superstition and suspicion.

Decreeing Let there Be Love, Let there Be Peace, Let there Be GRACE.

For Thy Light, The Glory of the Lord, The Love of the ages, is come! Amen, Ameen, Ahsay.” ~ by Reverend Dr Palmer- Prophetic Ensemble Jan 1, 2022 Bristol, U.K. GB.


Saturday 8th JANUARY at 2pm front entrance Eastville Park.

For more Information  or if you wish to participate  in future patrols please use  the website’s Contact Us Form or the

PEACEMAKERS City Safety 24/7 Prayerfone Careline. 

084 5468 0114

N.B  Please Note 084 Numbers are charged at a fixed rate of 5p per minute plus the caller’s phone provider’s access charge. International calls rates can be even higher.

NEXT SOUND THE ALARM MIDDAY PRAYER CALL is rescheduled for Wednesday 16th FEBRUARY at 12noon via Google Meet link:


PEACEMAKERS PATROLS are Standing in the Gap & holding the City in Peace and Light

PEACEMAKERS Prayer and City Safety Patrollers are standing in the gaps, and holding the City in Peace and Light.


A Gentle Reminder and Final opportunity to participate in 2021 ‘Say No to Drink and Drive’ Wednesday 22nd December, at 11am, Easton Highway/M32 Junctions.  


For more Information  or to Participate in Peacemakers 2021 Christmas Prayer Patrol please use  the website’s Contact Us Form or the

PEACEMAKERS City Safety 24/7 Prayerfone Careline. 

084 5468 0114

N.B  Please Note 084 Numbers are charged at a fixed rate of 5p per minute plus the caller’s phone provider’s access charge. International calls rates can be even higher.
"Prayers Light up the darkness." ~ Reverend Dawnecia Palmer, Chief Commissioner, PEACEMAKERS.


PEACEMAKERS end of Year Sound the Alarm Online Midday Prayer Call 15th December 2021 via Google Meet Link at 12noon

Topic: Announcing and Affirming LOVE, LIGHT, and PEACE

Keynote  Speaker: Rev Dr Dawnecia Palmer h.c.

We look forward to seeing you then!



December Cycle Track Patrols

Bristol and Bath railway path upgrades revealed - BBC News PEACEMAKERS Prayer and City Safety Patrols will be out and about  along the Cycle Track which spans through Easton to Staple Hill. Thursday 2nd December 2021 starting at 9.30am.  For more information or to Volunteer please use the Contact Us Form or

PEACEMAKERS City Safety 24/7 Prayer Careline

Prayerfone with 24 hours 7 days a week access.

084 5468 0114

N.B  Please Note 084 Numbers are charged at a fixed rate of 5p per minute plus the caller’s phone provider’s access charge. International calls rates can be even higher.

Futures Forum: Cycling: Bristol & Bath Railway Path

Praying Peace, Comfort and Healing for murdered youth’s family. PEACEMAKERS Prayer Chief. Lawrence Hill Housing Estate. Bristol. Standing in the Gap after a murder – Holding the Area in Peace and Light. Prayer City Safety Officer. Easton. Bristol Next Patrols: Say No to Drink and Drive Campaign to Start Saturday 18th December through Tuesday 20th December.  Areas to be announced.  To Volunteer please use the Contact Us Form.

NEXT SOUND THE ALARM MIDDAY PRAYER CALL 15th December via Google Meet Link, which will be published HERE at 11.30am on the day!

PEACEMAKERS Youth Prayer City Safety Patrol.  Summer. Redfield  

4th Sound The Alarm, November 17th 2021 !!! Bristol, Africa

The 4th PEACEMAKERS Sound the Alarm Online Midday Call to Prayer will be on Wednesday 17th November via Google Meet at 12 noon for 30 minutes.

There has been a change in our Keynote Speaker this Month as Rev Chavarria from Jamaica had to cancel, having been recalled to duties which would not allow him join us at scheduled. We were very much looking forward  to hearing from him, and wish him well in all his endeavours. Thankfully, we were able to secure a Speaker at short notice, hence the late announcement for our Prayer Call on Wednesday. I pray that you will be able to join us for our brief Prayer Meet-up, as well as inform as many as would be interested. Thank you.

The Theme for this Prayer Call is  ‘How showing Kindnesss in our Communities can help to lower crime levels’   Our Esteemed Guest and Keynote Speaker is Peacemaker Prayer & City Safety Patroller Shoannalee Samuels.

Ms Samuels is Second-in-Command at PEACEMAKERS, having been with with the Project since its inception in 2002. Her involvement and commitment to reducing street crimes and helping to building safer neighborhoods and communities is first class. In 2005 she was awarded the Bristol District Commanders Commendation in recognition of the Bristol Prayer Patrols in providing reassurance for local communities who would otherwise feel more vulnerable. PEACEMAKERS Prayer and City Patrols work in Partnership with Avon and Somerset Police and CrimeStoppers UK.

Shoannalee have been a major player in helping to set up and motivate Prayer Patrols in other Cities across the country, such as Nottingham, Mansfield, and Ledbury. Her calm, kind, and caring manner makes for a perfect Patroller, especially when faced with handling violent and intimidating situations that can sometimes occur on the streets.

Her children were the forerunners  for PEACEMAKERS Youth City Safety Patrols, having been part of the work since ages six and seven years old.

This is the Google meet Link to join:  Click  or type in GOOLE Meet in Search and where it says to Join Meeting copy and paste: tyt-jfjs-sau  and it will take you to the Prayer Room.

Lets meet up  here on WEDNESDAY 17th NOVEMBER to pray peace across our countries, and safety on our streets.

NEXT PRAYER & CITY SAFETY CYCLE TRACT PATROLS Thursday 25th November 2021 from 11AM through 1pm Easton thro Eastville, Fishponds,  Staple Hill.

If you missed our Esteemed Guest Keynote Presentation last month’s you can listen to the audio below.

3rd Sound The Alarm !!! USA, Bristol, Africa

The 3rd PEACEMAKERS Sound the Alarm Online Midday Call to Prayer will be on Wednesday 20th October via Google Meet at 12 noon for 30 minutes.

This is the Google meet Link to join:  Click  or go to Google and type in GOOLE Meet and where it says to Join Meeting copy and paste: fcu-ekct-cza  and it will take you to the Prayer Room.

Lets meet up  here to pray peace across our countries, and safety on our streets.

We have had two major stabbings here in Bristol since our last Sound the Alarm Midday Prayer Call, As we can see crime is relentless and so must we. As a Guardian of the Planet for peace and safety I feel particularly responsible to try an bring as much awareness as possible to the **need for more robust prayer interventions, as well as **more personal approach, to address gangs and street crimes in our cities and neighbourhoods.

“Much has been done through Prayer & City Safety Patrols here in Bristol and other parts of the Country and abroad over the years, however we must up our game to become more proactive in handling these issues rather than reactive or simply leaving it up to the local authority. It is obvious that if the local authority could change mindsets and behaviours it would have done so, and though I am in no way saying we will completely obliterate street violence and gang related crimes, I am saying that I have seen first-hand that Prayer and personal commitment to actively engage visibly through the Patrols Scheme does work. In fact it works effectively, correcting many issues at the root cause, and brought about a safer, more pleasant areas in which to live, work and play.” ~Rev Palmer, Patrols Chief

The Theme for this Prayer Call is  ‘Why Prayer is a Good intervention for Street related Crimes and City Safety.’   Our Esteemed Guest and Keynote Speaker is Lewin Carr form Cambria Heights, Queens, New York.

Mr Lewin Carr is  CEO and Life Coach for Success Happiness Full Potential Academy. He is PEACEMAKERS Patrol Representative in New York. Mr Carr is very passionate about thriving communities, community safety,  personal empowerment, and the role that an individual can play in helping to build more balanced, safer, and just communities.

FEEDBACK from Sound the Alarm 2.

Chief Superintendent Mark Runacres was Esteemed Guest and Keynote Speaker for the Midday Prayer Call. He spoke passionately around the importance for initiatives such as the Prayer and City Safety Patrols and the role they play in bringing awareness and reassurance on the streets of local communities, being visible and clear, taking time and pride, and reporting.  He said the Street Safety Patrols show people care and want to be a part of the process, taking pride in their communities, and doing their part to make it a better safer place. He was very kind and sensitive in paying tribute to those Patrollers who had passed on, saying “..they made a difference.”

"Crime will not survive where Communities Strive" ~ Chief Superintendent, Avon and Somerset Police Constabulary.

When asked what more can PEACEMAKERS do to support the work of the Police in bring safety to streets and Communities , the Chief said, “Patrols  should carry on doing what they are doing. Continue to bring a very visible presence, reassurance, which encourages others to be involved. Patrols are able to walk up and start a conversation in a non-offensive and non-aggressive way which brings understanding to the story behind the perpetrators behaviour, a rich opportunity to likely impact their behaviour, doing what police cannot do. Your coordinated approach is able to pick up hotspots often encouraging criminal activities to withdraw and lonely places which help people to feel assured.”

NEXT PATROLS : Newtown,  Lawrence Hill,  Easton, and St. Pauls on Saturday and Sunday 30th – 31st October.  VOLUNTEERS ARE WELCOME via emailing  Ref: Oct/Vol




Prayer Patrol & City Safety Volunteer Patrols Needed!

PEACEMAKERS **NEW** recruitment drive for Prayer and City Safety Patrols in Bristol.

The PEACEMAKERS Chief Reverend Palmer has sent out an appeal for volunteers to help them patrol the streets around Easton and HillFields/Fishponds Lodge Causeway, especially over the next few weeks.



There has been a rapid escalation of Anti-Social behaviour along the Causeway, disturbing the local neighborhood, causing havoc and fear to residents. It was reported in the latest Fishponds Voice that Police have stepped up their patrols.  There has been a concern for a while, however, the aggressive begging and threatening violence have seen many not feeling safe to walk about or do their shopping in the area.

Working in Fishponds/Hillfields is not new for the Prayer Patrols who started their work several years ago when the area was named among the highest in the city for fear of crime. Then, owning a small Peace Embassy/Advice office, worked alongside the Local Beat Officer, Community Centre, Local Council Neighbourhood Engagement Team, and Church was regular in attendance to meetings as part of the strategic safety plans.  Over time the area saw great improvement, with increased funding and sponsorships, housing improvements,  new community facilities, and new business.

Several years later they patrolled the area again there were several incidents where local pensioners felt unsafe to go to the Post Office.  Prayer & City Safety Patrols have maintained sporadic patrols in Fishponds namely the cycle track which runs under the Causeway, lanes, on pavements outside supermarkets, as well as along residential streets, and as part of their Say No to Drink and Drive at Christmas.


Police at the scene after two bodies were found in a Bristol houseLast Month PEACEMAKERS sent out a concerned plea seeking for volunteers to help them patrol the Easton area.  They did this via their website, sending out numerous generic emails and texts to patrols friends and families, local groups, and organizations and via radio Bristol in an attempt to raise safety awareness in the area and to prayer cover the streets.  Although the appeal did not seem to yield a large response, the usual team took the streets covering as wide an area as they could. Today, in response to the recent double murder of two days ago, where two bodies were discovered in a house on a quiet Wood Street, Rev Palmer had this to say, “And to think we were only a street away a week ago. Such a tragedy. We could never have imagined this in such a tightly knit community and on such a quiet little street.  I can only pray rest for their souls, and that the perpetrators are brought to justice, as quickly as possible.  Also praying for comfort and peace for the family and friends of the deceased men, and calm and reassurance for the other residents of the said street and surrounding neighbourhood.” 

PEACEMAKERS have been patrolling the streets of Bristol for over 20 years, seeing a massive reduction in street, knives, and gangs related crimes, bringing consolation and community reassurance to many areas dealing with the fear of crime. Totally non-profit they give of their time and care, freely, covering large demography of the City.  Most of the work they do is ‘heart’ says the Rev.  She explains, “There is no glamour or fame here, simply heart, and genuine compassion, humble empathy, and deep respect for the human race, and their potential to achieve and enjoy better, safer, happy, and peace-filled communities. We do that! Our presence fills the atmosphere with these, raising hope in the areas we patrol. Man needs food and water, warmth and shelter, and supply to get all these. However, without a level of safety both at a personal as well as the community level, there can be no real satisfaction in life.   The Police do a good job in keeping a level of peace, but there is a level beyond education and religion, which only ( *** ) can reach, to create the shift needed for lasting change.” 

To report crime  as well going directly to 999 or Crimestoppers, you can use our Prayer & Safety Alert phone line on 0845 468 0114 (**Please note that 0845 numbers can be more costly to ring, whether you’re calling from a landline or mobile.)



NEXT PATROL: ‘Peace Angels PRAYER PATROLS will be in Upper Eastville and Fishponds  AREA Wednesday 1st September 2021 BETWEEN 12 NOON TO 2.30 PM if you would like to join with us in any of the two areas please contact us via the CONTACT US Page or Email directly to

To report crime here please use our Prayer & Safety Alert phone line on 0845 468 0114 (**Please note that 0845 numbers are more costly to ring, whether you're calling from a landline or mobile.)

2nd Sound The Alarm!!! USA, Bristol, London

2nd Sound the Alarm PEACEMAKERS  PRAYER PATROL online prayer call ‘Safer City’ Featured Special Guest Speaker is Bristol Police Commander, Superintendent Mark Runacres, of Avon and Somerset Constabulary, Friday 27th August 2021, at 12.30 via Google Meet Link.

Sign into Google meet Account and use the GOOGLE MEET LINK BELOW to join the meet anytime ATER 11 am

 However, Meet won’t start until 12noon on the Day

PEACEMAKERS Chief and Police Commander will be talking about the benefits, impact, and effects of local initiatives like PEACE Patrols that are geared towards helping to create safer streets and communities, and how he sees this fitting within the overall Policing and Safety of our Cities.

“This promises to be very interesting and engaging interesting – and one you do not want to miss!”

We will be joined by some of the Prayer City safety Patrollers, Lorna Supria CEO Taking Back our Streets London, Prayer Patrol Rep in New York, and Prayer Rep in Nigeria, and hopefully friends from Jamaica. Look forward to seeing, learning,  and praying with you.

 Please pass this information to anyone whom you think might be interested or that may benefit from this opportunity.  Please use our Contact US form, the Prayer Request TAB, or Email: for inquiries and to get more information

If you are interested but unable to attend and have prayer needs or concerns that you wish to share privately for prayer. Email us directly at

We have been made aware that sometimes people do not wish to be seen during online MeetUPs this is totally understandable. You can do so safely by muting Camera before clicking the Join now link, you will be totally hidden and no one will be able to see you.     However, you must remember If they do not wish to speak or wish to hide your background noises, they can do so either by Muting their Mic either before joining or during the event. To participate simply unmute your audio.

Thank you and look forward to you joining us on Friday, 27th August 2021 at Midday!

NEXT PATROL: ‘Peace Angels will be in Upper Eastville and Fishponds from Midday Wednesday 1st September, if you would like to join with us in any of the two areas please contact us via the CONTACT US Page or Email directly to

PEACEMAKERS ‘Jericho Patrol’ Update

Lunchtime Talk at Junction 3 Library: Imagining a city free from corporate  advertising | Adblock Bristol It was a bright fresh Friday Morning, 16th July,  a small band of faithful gathered together outside J3 Library Easton, Bristol, to pray at the start of, a Prayerthon Patrol, and, what turned out to be ‘an amazing Patrol’ as quoted by one patroller, at the end.

The route for the Jericho Patrol was to start with a 9 am Prayer Stop outside J3 Library.  From here they headed along the slip roads at the back of the Motorway towards the cross-bridge over the Motorway, linking Easton and St. Werberghs.

The 2nd Prayer Stop was the M32 Motorway. There had been a series of deaths through motor-vehicle accidents and recently the body of a young woman was found nearby, she had been stabbed to death.  When they arrived at the scene there was already a shire to a young man 23 years old that had recently died. The cause of death was uncertain to us, however, from the tributes tied to bits of cardboard hanging on the railings, and graffitied with chalk on the pavement, we gathered that it was a tragic incident, and yet another life was taken, much too early! We kept vigil and prayed before heading towards St Werburghs.

St. Werberghs had been a rough area for drunkenness, youth crime, and high fear of crime in the early days of PEACEMAKERS, some 20 years ago.

Then, Prayer Patrols were a regular feature at all hours of day and night. The Community has since turned good, with new buildings, better housing, well-kept gardens, renovated Community Centre, Upgraded Park, cleaner streets and lovely community vibes. Patrolling around and Praying here was a delight, to see the changes and to enjoy the sense of peacefulness – long may it continue.

Crossing over into St. Pauls carries a different feel these days, opposed to those earlier times when street, gun, knife, and gang crimes, robberies, and violence were rife.  On our more recent Patrols here we find things a lot quieter.  And it is good to see new enterprises, cleaner streets, new cafes and takeaways, freshly painted buildings,  and a well-kept park.  There was a positive welcoming reception to prayer and the presence of the patrols.

The crossways at Grosvenor and lower Ashley Road were our 3rd Prayer Stop of the morning.

There was much to give thanks for. “You are building on our prayers,” a patroller told a new business owner after they had been invited in, they prayed and blessed the business.


Stopping briefly to pray for an elderly gentleman whose business had slowly declined, and thanksgiving outside the St Pauls Library and community cafe, patrolling along  St. Nicholas Road through St. Pauls Park to the 4th Prayer Stop at Subways in front of the  Memorial Murial.

Jericho Patrols then headed towards the pedestrian corner of St Mark Road Bridge, Old Church, and Mosque, 5th and final Prayer Stop.  On our way over we observed much to add to our Prayer Shields list for future prayer, of which Grafitti is the most obvious.

I am very grateful, extremely thankful, to those who gave up their time and came out on the day, as well as the invisible Prayer Sheilds, the invincibles who covered us in prayer every step of the way.  Most of all to LIFE with the invisible host of Heavenly Angels. Ameen.

NEXT PATROLS:  Wednesday 4th August 11 am.  Starting at Prayer point1 by Eastville Park and along Fishponds Road, towards the last Prayer Stop which will be the Cycle Track behind Morrisons.