4th Sound The Alarm, November 17th 2021 !!! Bristol, Africa

The 4th PEACEMAKERS Sound the Alarm Online Midday Call to Prayer will be on Wednesday 17th November via Google Meet at 12 noon for 30 minutes.

There has been a change in our Keynote Speaker this Month as Rev Chavarria from Jamaica had to cancel, having been recalled to duties which would not allow him join us at scheduled. We were very much looking forward  to hearing from him, and wish him well in all his endeavours. Thankfully, we were able to secure a Speaker at short notice, hence the late announcement for our Prayer Call on Wednesday. I pray that you will be able to join us for our brief Prayer Meet-up, as well as inform as many as would be interested. Thank you.

The Theme for this Prayer Call is  ‘How showing Kindnesss in our Communities can help to lower crime levels’   Our Esteemed Guest and Keynote Speaker is Peacemaker Prayer & City Safety Patroller Shoannalee Samuels.

Ms Samuels is Second-in-Command at PEACEMAKERS, having been with with the Project since its inception in 2002. Her involvement and commitment to reducing street crimes and helping to building safer neighborhoods and communities is first class. In 2005 she was awarded the Bristol District Commanders Commendation in recognition of the Bristol Prayer Patrols in providing reassurance for local communities who would otherwise feel more vulnerable. PEACEMAKERS Prayer and City Patrols work in Partnership with Avon and Somerset Police and CrimeStoppers UK.

Shoannalee have been a major player in helping to set up and motivate Prayer Patrols in other Cities across the country, such as Nottingham, Mansfield, and Ledbury. Her calm, kind, and caring manner makes for a perfect Patroller, especially when faced with handling violent and intimidating situations that can sometimes occur on the streets.

Her children were the forerunners  for PEACEMAKERS Youth City Safety Patrols, having been part of the work since ages six and seven years old.

This is the Google meet Link to join:  Click https://meet.google.com/tyt-jfjs-sau  or type in GOOLE Meet in Search and where it says to Join Meeting copy and paste: tyt-jfjs-sau  and it will take you to the Prayer Room.

Lets meet up  here on WEDNESDAY 17th NOVEMBER to pray peace across our countries, and safety on our streets.

NEXT PRAYER & CITY SAFETY CYCLE TRACT PATROLS Thursday 25th November 2021 from 11AM through 1pm Easton thro Eastville, Fishponds,  Staple Hill.

If you missed our Esteemed Guest Keynote Presentation last month’s you can listen to the audio below.

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