2019 New PEACEMAKERS Patrols Initiative for Bristol and the UK

A small Meetup is to held in the Cafe area, on the top floor of the Galleries, in the Bristol Broadmead Shopping Centre, on Wednesday Morning, 20th February 2019 at 10.30am. The Butler’s Diner seating area is being discussed as the most likely. It is an open invitation to attend and hear first-hand the new ideas for Patrol 2019 going forward. Not much has been disclosed so far except the Title for the new Initiative “Let’s help make Bristol Better”.

Plans are also on the way to meet and discuss the plans with Police, Various Communities, Groups, Organization, and Businesses. In the past, Visible Peacemakers Patrols were successful in reducing high levels of crime in many parts of Bristol and other parts of the UK as well as abroad. Most of these areas remained low or no crime areas afterward.

Let us hope that LHMBB will be as great as its aspiration! see below the copy of the letter that was sent out from the Chief Commissioner’s Office today. 

















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