Reminder: NEXT Prayer City Patrol, BS5 & BS2, Bristol, UK

Next Prayer and City Safety Patrol.

Thursday 13th October.

Patrol to begin with prayer at Midday at the Easton railway bridge on Stapleton Road side. Patrol will move through the pathway over M4 Motorway footbridge, through to St. Werburghs Park on Mina Road.

Patrol will then head towards the St.Pauls’ area along Grosvenor Road, stopping on the Green outside the St. Pauls Learning Centre for Prayers.

Patrol will then proceed down through St Nicholas Road, crossing over footbridge at end of St. Nicholas Road, then taking the path along the river back into Easton via path leading up to JC3 Library.

From the Library Patrol will cross of through the side street adjacent to the JC3 towards the  Lebeq Tavern on Stapleton Road. Patrol will end in the square across from the Tavern for the last prayer call.

I hope as many of you as can join us. Please let me know your interest and size beforehand, this is so we provide you with appropriate size Patrol Jackets. Our High-viz  Jackets are necessity if you are wishing to patrol with us.

We look forward to welcoming you! Namaste. God Bless you.🙏🏽🙋🏼‍♀️

October National and International Holidays, including a Prayer for October

October, wetter cooler days and nights, yet a time we get to once again behold the beautiful fall of  multi-coloured  autumn leaves on the ground.

October tenth month of the year, comes from an old Latin word Octo which literally translates eight, was the eighth month in the old calendar of Romulus c. … 750 BC.  It was also called Winterfylleth by the Saxons, meaning fullness of winter, as it sets us up in preparation for the colder, darker months ahead. Colours associated with October are opal and tourmaline.

Metaphysically October is a time for spirit soul body balance, to set a higher, more conscious intention, on how we wish to show up and express on the planet, and within the sphere of our day to day experiences.

A short prayer for October ~ by Rev Dr Dawnecia Palmer

To God, Lord and Life of all our days and nights, months and years. Great gratitude and thanksgiving bring. Hear this our humble prayer, and grant that we may be ever in the awareness of the magnificent vastness of your love, and live in peace, each day throughout this month of October. Amen, Ameen, Ashay! and so it is!!

Please find below a short listing of some of the Awareness Days and Events taking place over the course of October, nationally and globally.

1       Coffee Day

2       Grandparents Day UK

4        Yom Kippur + 1 day

5       World Smile Day/World Teachers Day

9       Sukkot + 7 days

10      World Mental Health Day/Columbus Day USA/Native American day

12       International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction

13       World Sight Day

15        World Singing Day & World Sweetest Day USA

16        World Food Day

17         World Child Poverty Day/International Eradication of Poverty Day

21        Trafalgar Day UK

24       United Nations day

25       Diwali/World Opera Day

30       British Summertime Ends

31        Halloween