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PEACEMAKERS PRAYER PATROLS and CITY SAFETY PATROLERS prayerfully invite you to join with them for a ‘CLEANSING THE ATMOSPHERE and BLESSING THE LAND’ PRAYER CIRCLE on Wednesday 1st July 2020, 1.00 pm in EASTVILLE PARK, Bristol, BS5

Parkrun announce new circuit in central Bristol
Eastville Park

Organizers’ Requests :

We are asking participants to pay special attention to keep to the 2 meters social distancing health code when creating or joining the Prayer Circle. All persons may be required to wear masks throughout (subject to the Government’s rule at this time). And **Please refrain from hugging or shaking hands. )

One Planet under God

– Dawnecia Palmer

I am certain that you will agree that as a people, a city, a nation, country, and indeed the whole world, that our atmosphere and land, has been severely affected by the recent months pandemic.

During this time PEACEMAKERS Patrols complied with the Police advice and Government’s Health warnings to stay off the streets. We have lain low in terms of visibility, by ceasing to carry out our street patrol duties. However, we have not been inactive but have been ardently engaged day and night in Prayer and Intercessions. As well as creating website contents that acts as an accessible online Prayer Presence, with Prayers of Hope, to comfort, console, and heal.

Guardian of the Planet

“Now is the Time for us to arise to action,” says the Reverend Dawnecaia Palmer, Peacemakers Prayer Chief Commissioner. ” This pandemic has caused fear, suffering, death, and financial distress for many. And, enough is ENOUGH. PEACEMAKERS will now rise up as guardians of the planet and pray the cure and healing we so desperately need for our Atmosphere and Land at this time. The Scriptures say the fervent prayer of ONE produces much. I stand as ONE, and I am inviting you all to take up your positions as ONE, in endeavour to recalibrate our world. I announce we can. I declare we shall. I decree we will. Amen”

Rev’d Palmer Hon D.W. (h.c.) – May 2020

  • Will You be the ONE, to stand together as ONE, on the 1st of July?
  • Will You come out and join us to cleanse the atmosphere and heal our land from the ongoing/after-effects of this disease to date?
  • Together our prayers CAN and WILL make a mighty difference.

N.B. Please arrive at least 5 minutes before 1.00 pm. Please carry a small bottle of water with you. If you are not feeling well, or have been infected even if you have recovered, PLEASE kindly stay at home and prayer-cover those on the frontline.

Look forward to praying with you

PEACEMAKERS Happy Patch, snatch a little Happiness!

The City Patrols and Prayer Patrollers were out in support of the Spread a little Happiness Day initiative last month. The day created great opportunities for them to speak with, encourage and support visitors at their ‘Need Prayer’ table, as well as to laugh and share the happiness tone with the vast array of passersby, in the busy Broadmead Shopping Quarter of Bristol. It was reported as a hugely successful day which saw them handing out hundreds of Happy Patches. And  although there were several other events also taking place around the precinct on the day, they said their event attracted a steady flow of people throughout, and shoppers and visitors to the area danced to the upbeat music which was belting out through the speakers of their small PA, which was hidden from view beneath a medium-sized A board on which was written in bold letters ‘come and get your happy patch here today.’ (see Youtube video footage below)


PEACEMAKERS 2018 End of Year Message

As we approach the last few days of 2018 what lessons have been learnt? And are we any wiser going forward? Because if we haven’t learnt Life lessons and are none the wiser, we might very well find that instead of going forward, we are even further back than where we were, when the year begun.

In order to move forward, we must rid ourselves of these 3 things – Worry, Want, War.

Worry not – because we cease to be in the now – we have forgotten what we are.

Want not – because we haven’t yet learned that all is as should be – we have forgotten whose we are.

War not – because hate, fear, anger, guilt and pain consume, consummate and separate – we have forgotten who they are.

So as 2018 fades into history, let us be mindful of the follies that separatism brings,  disasters and wars. Wars within, and those without,  of personal, societal and country. Gross consumerism, materialism, maltreatment of the ozone through greed and political tyranny, gluttony and competitiveness increase the illusion of not-enoughness, and the incessant vacuum of discontent.  And so, we fill our world with fears and stress and worry. Worry, the no.1 killer and not only does it kill personal joy, but it holds nations in terror, blocks out the light of camaraderie and trust for humanity, and in fear they subscribe to war.

Prayer " How good to know that God Is, Peace, Constant Supply, Blessed Assurance. How pleasant also to know that our life is the the life of God, and that, that Life lives and moves us all. It is good, it is very good. And standing on the final step of 2018 we delcare, war no more, I AM my supply, both now and always. Amen, amen, amen."

The PEACEMAKERS Prayer Patrols teams are as rays of light, bringing hope and uplifting communities in the areas they Patrol.  If you are interested in joining or creating a team in your area please do get in touch with us through the Contact Us page.

Namaste and Blessings.

This End of Year blog was written by Reverend Dawnecia Palmer, Cheif Commissioner for PEACEMAKERS Prayer Patrols