Let Love Reign in peace

How good and pleasant it is to be a part of this global mission. How truly blessed to take time, no rather to make time, to come aside each day for the purpose of deliberately emitting and directing love towards the 18 Countries specifically selected for us this Month.


 Bosnia and Herzegovina
 Burkina Faso
Burma → Myanmar
 Cape Verde
 Central African Republic

It is easy to say I bless the world, but it is another thing, and much less egoistic to call Countries by names. And I do not mean just calling them out as a title.  But to envisage their peoples, their lifestyle, their economic trends, their safety etc. for inclusion in our prayers. Seeing Light within each, and that Light which is the light of the Supreme expanding out, throughout the entire nation for which we have engaged intercession. To hear the wonder of a birth cry and see the last breath of the aged one through the spirit, is a humbling but rewarding lesson.

Until the revelation of this second Block of Countries for Feburary, I really no idea that Cape Verde existed, more over details about its inhabitants.  In fact there are a few Countries and peoples that I did not know much about,  and at least one other that I had no clue that there was such a place.  Now this might not seem like a big thing to some, but for me who testified that I had prayed for the world many times, it is a biggie.  I will say here that I did mention the world in my prayers many times but the specifics? No. I had not joined heart and soul with the Divine in these places. You make well ask if it is imperative that we should be specific in our prayers and I would answer with a resounding “YES!” O how God displays in each person in every place, in many ways, forms and species.  A most magnificent world to explore, celebrate, empathise, pray, praise and bless.

So, today I found myself calling each of the 17 countries by name, I closed my eyes and with a feeling tonality of deepest gratitude, I named each one beloved and blessed.  During this transaction something wonderful thing happened to me. . It was as if a wave of love vibrated back to me, over me, it lingered and stayed with me all through the day.

lightbulb (3)Jesus, the Christ said I am the light of the world. In another place it is recorded that Jesus also said ‘you are the light of the world. May the exposure of this Divine truth which is Love, stir within each of us.  May our light so shine through us as prayers, thus dispelling all shadows of darkness, fear, doubt, lack hate and limitation. Amen.

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