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PEACEMAKERS Be Safe Nights Coming Soon

The City Safety Patrollers and Prayer Patrols are looking for volunteers to join them for the upcoming Be Safe Night Nights in particular Halloween October 31st, 2020, and Bonfire Night November 5th, 2020. A short training is required for persons wishing to participate in these Patrols.

Training will be conducted online via “Google Meet” where details of the Be Safe Nights patrols, patrol areas, and personal requirements, will be revealed and explained. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions during this time.

Google announces a bunch of features to bring Meet on par with Zoom
Pic of a Google Meet screen

Interested parties are invited to log their interest via the Contact Page on the website at OR by email to, and they will be sent a link, with instructions on how to join the ‘Google Meet’ training. Anyone with a Google account Gmail email address will find the ‘MEET’ image whenever they tap on the Gmail icon either on their phone or PC. The instructions to join via the link we send will be quite straight forward and easy to navigate.

We look forward to Being a part of Safer Bristol and the PEACEMAKERS Global vision for Creating Safer Communities and a More Peaceful World.

Need Prayer today? Go to the CONTACT US or PRAYER REQUESTS section on the website. Enter your details and what you would like us to pray about. *Please note your personal information is kept safe and only be shared with the Practitioners praying for you.

Please take the opportunity to donate to our work TODAY by heading over to the DONATE button. Thank you.

Peacemakers, officers, foot-patrols, in-house practitioners, admin staff,  website manager, all give of themselves selflessnessly and tirelessly to the ministry. They give their service to provide space and place, physical accessibility for neighborhoods prayer support, online information, prayers, prayer support and encouragements, financial upkeep for equipments and uniforms, awareness events, monthly meetings, and travel expenses, and upkeep of our website. But most importantly is the time they give. Each person gladly sacrifices his or her time and energy for the love of you. Their vision and goal is to create safer more peaceful communities in our neighborhoods, in this generation, and for generations to come. Your Donations helps to meet these goals. Your gift of giving makes our service worthwhile. THANK YOU.

PEACEMAKERS CONDOLENCE MESSAGE TO FAMILY OF murdered ANDRE GAYLE and heartfelt words with regards the recent knife crimes in the Easton Area of Bristol

A 24-year-old man will appear in Bristol Crown Court charged with murder, following the death of Andre Gayle. The 29-year-old died in hospital after being stabbed outside Easton Community Centre in the early hours of Monday, August 31. Jerome Lewis, of Kimberley Place, Croydon, has been arrested for the murder.

City Safety Patols and Prayer 
Patrols maintain  prayer presence in the Easton area.


They said that that they are concerened by the recent rise in the numbers of critical knife related incidents in the area.


However they remain hopeful that the increased volume of police units in the area, as well as the media attention, and their prayer presence, will usher in a new level community liason, peace on the streets, healing in the atmosphere, and a decrease in street crimes, and that people will feel safe to go out.


“Our heartfelt condolences and prayers goes out the family and close friends of Andre Gayle. His was a life cut down too soon. The fact that he was runing to save his life is testament that he wanted to live. The right to live is every person basic human right. Peacemakers are planning to rerun their campaign Respect 4 Life in light of the recent spurt of deaths, and serious injuries due to knife crimes. We pray that comfort, strength, and healing may prevail over hate, fear and revenge. May the Peace of God wash over those who are in grief and mourning at this time. Let there be love, let there be hope, let there be peace. Amen.”

words by Reverend Palmer, Chief Commissioner – PEACEMAKERS  

An UPDATE on PEACEMAKERS City Safety/ Prayer Patrols in Bristol

PEACEMAKERS Patrols are well known locally and globally for the air of peace and harmony they create in areas they patrol. More recently teams of City safety Patrols and Prayer Patrollers have focused their attention mainly around schools and various streets in Easton, Eastville, Whitehall, and Fishponds areas of Bristol. Here they wield super energetic prayer presence, to bring calm, restore neighborhood confidence, and promote good behaviors among the youths. below is a short video clip with picture highlights of some of their activities.

*NEW* City Safety Schools Patrols in Bristol

With the UK Prime Minister lifting the COVIV-19 lockdown regulations regarding outdoor spaces, some indoor spaces, including many local businesses and organizations, schools are set to reopen in September. The decision to reopen has been met with mixed reactions. For some families, there are deeper concerns for their children around the risks arising from uncertainties of classroom and playground integration.

And even though it has been announced that procedures are in place to secure safe bubbles between teachers and classroom groups, nevertheless there remains a certain level of tension, anger, and fear in the air.

PEACEMAKERS Patrols are well known for the air of Peace and general harmony they create in areas they patrol. Teams of Patroler have been patrolling around schools and Cycle Tract in Easton, Whitehall, and Fishponds areas of Bristol wielding their super energetic prayer presence during the Summer Holidays.

And to comply with Government Guidelines all indoor and most outdoor activities have been canceled to date, except for the newly formed PEACEMAKERS City Safety Prayer Patrol Bubble. These have been patrolling around Schools over the holidays’ and will continue to do other street patrols in local neighborhoods, lanes, parks, cycle tracts, and shopping centers.

“We are very much looking forward to taking our Community Safety Awareness presentations inside the Schools when it becomes safe for us to do so,” says Chief Commissioner, City Safety Patrols, Bristol.

**NEW PEACEMAKERS City Safety 24/7 Prayer Careline

Aware that there are still danger, fear, and risks around the virus situation both in the UK and abroad PEACEMAKERS have today acquired a new Prayerfone with 24 hours 7 days a week access.

084 5468 0114

N.B Our 084 Number is charged at a fixed rate of 5p per minute plus the caller’s phone provider’s access charge

Upcoming Patrols in Bristol

Monday, 31st August

12.00 Noon Bannerman Road School, Easton

2.00 pm St. Nicholas School, Old Market

Tuesday 1st September

2.30 pm Fishponds Church of England Academy, Fishponds

COMING SOON! Recruitment and Training for December’s say NO to Drink and Drive Campaign

PEACEMAKERS are looking for New Prayer Patrol and City Safety Patrols

signup your interest on our Contact Us page today

or by telephone to our City Safety Careline 084 5468 0114

or by email at



Parkrun announce new circuit in central Bristol
Eastville Park

I am certain that you will agree that as a people, a city, a nation, country, and indeed the whole world, that our atmosphere and land, has been severely affected and disrupted by the COVID pandemic, and the brutal murder of George Floyd by a Police Officer in the US. The 8 minutes 46-seconds video of his sufferings and death was devastating, stirring outrage against racial injustice, which sparked mass marches, demonstrations, and protests in support of the CALL for racial justice worldwide. The PEACEMAKERS Prayer Circle on 1st July will generate a spiritual atmospheric charge to shift and renew, healing for health, justice for fairness, and a sense of protection and safety for everyone locally, nationally, and globally.

Are you willing to be ONE who helps to make a difference for your city, and for the George Floyds of our world? Are you ready to be involved in something that will create a vibration that sets in motion the sort of climate change we need, such as healing after the pandemic, fairness in the judicial, educational, and political systems Nationally and Globally? Will you be a part of the CALL for safer streets where EVERYONE feels safe and protected? Please help us pray a better, fairer, just world

Guardians of the Planet

“This is a WAKE-UP CALL and NOW is the Time for us to arise to action,” says the Reverend Dawnecaia Palmer, Peacemakers Prayer Chief Commissioner. “The pandemic, the ingrained racial injustice and inequality, has caused fear, suffering, death, and financial distress for many. Enough is ENOUGH. PEACEMAKERS will now rise up as guardians of our planet to pray the cures, the healings, and the TRANSFORMATION we so desperately need for our Atmosphere and Land at this time. Conscious prayer is the antidote. Consious Prayers are fervent prayers. Scriptures says ‘the fervent prayer of ONE produces much.’ There is a grave amount of people that are hurting in our world today. They need our prayer support. In fact, all people need prayer.

Today, I stand as ONE, and I am inviting you all to take up your positions as ONE with me, in this endeavour to recalibrate our world. To such a vision I announce WE CAN. I declare WE SHALL. I decree WE WILL. Amen”

Rev’d Palmer Hon Dr. (h.c.) – June 2020

– Dawnecia Palmer

One Planet under God

We will be joined by my friends Cezzane Taharqa in LONDON and Ronald Marc USA. CLICK HERE to preview Cezzane’s POEM AFFIRMATION PRAYER FOR HEALING OF THE NATION

  • Be ONE to stand together with us as ONE, on the 1st of July?
  • Help to cleanse the atmosphere, and heal our lands, from the ongoing/after-effects of the virus, hate, injustice, and inequalities.
  • Our faith, love, and prayers CAN and WILL make a mighty difference.

Organizers’ Requests :

We are asking participants to Please pay special attention to keep to the 2 meters social distancing health code when creating or joining the Prayer Circle.

All persons may be required to wear masks throughout (subject to the Government’s rule at the time) **Please do not hug or shake hands

N.B. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before 1.00 pm. Please carry a small bottle of water and a mat or picnic blanket with you. If you are not feeling well, or have been infected even if you have recovered, PLEASE kindly stay at home and prayer-cover those on the frontline.

Look forward to praying with you


Peacemakers are here to Pray for and to offer Prayer support for you and your loved ones. If ever a time we need Prayer it is now. Prayer can move mountain they say, but prayer can also be the quiet hush of comfort in your soul when you are worried, confused, feeling lost, do not know where to turn, feeling alone or abandoned, sick, or afraid.

Prayer Works both on a surface level but also on the inside as an invisible relief.

Why not try Prayer today? Go to the CONTACT US or PRAYER REQUESTS section on the website. Please enter your details there and what you would like us to pray about. Your information will be kept safe with us and it will only be shared with the Practitioners that are praying for you.

There is a scripture that speaks of five unwise people who got locked out of their blessings. These people were also called foolish ones. There are ten persons in total, the five not mentioned in our story today are called the wise ones. For our story here we will be looking at the foolish ones. They all had the same opportunities which were to receive a great big blessing, with the added bonus of meeting and spending time with the CEO and source of the blessing.

The foolish ones spent their waiting time looking about the physical readiness of the situation. Much like what is happening around us today. People everywhere are mostly concerned with managing their physical health, exercise, nutrition, and so on. And these are good, but, there is that which is better, and still, there is what which is best. And so the foolish people went off to do more of these good things, just in case.

And so it is that while they were gone or were otherwise preoccupied, their Blessing came, the CEO and source of the blessing came. The wise ones who were duly prepared and watchful received their Blessing and were invited to spend time with the CEO. By the time the foolish guys returned or tried to correct their attention, they realized that they had lost their opportunity to their blessing.

What is the moral of this tale for us today? The answer surely must be “Prayer in the time of Corona”. Yes, we need to safeguard ourselves physically, such as social distancing, washing of the hands for 20 seconds, not touching the face, etc, and, staying in except for emergencies. Even a child can roll off these todos.

But there is something higher, deeper, wider, that must take our attention, and that is Prayer. Prayer is our connection with the source of life, which is what we are all trying to preserve. Life is the CEO of our existence, yet most are unconcerned with this Life, whom some call God. Even in this time of pandemic Life does not seem to interest them.

“But, we need to turn in earnest to prayer, not to a god outside of ourselves as many have been taught to do, but to the Life of life that lives you even now. And there, in your faintest reaching out Life/God will rush in to assist. In fact, the secret about prayer is found when you come to the realization of your need to connect to the source of life. Here, you will have turned your attention inward to possibility, to the intelligence of your immune system which is full of all the vital information you need for a physically healthy immune system. And so your consciousness of Life sets the course for healing and health by sending a vibration of ease throughout the body’s field. ” Dr. Palmer – h.c. Wellness Studies, CCUIC

Praying health in the time of Corona

PPP Practitioner UK

Stay well. Stay safe. We are daily praying health and wellbeing for you and yours. Peace

Please take the opportunity to donate to our work by heading over to the DONATE button. Thank you in advance.

Peacemakers, officers, foot-patrols, in-house practitioners, admin staff,  website manager, all give of themselves selflessnessly and tirelessly to the ministry. They give their service to provide space and place, physical accessibility for neighborhoods prayer support, online information, prayers, prayer support and encouragements, financial upkeep for equipments and uniforms, awareness events, monthly meetings, and travel expenses, and upkeep of our website. But most importantly is time, and each person gladly sacrifices time and energy for the love of you, to make and see peace in our world, hopefully in our generation, and for generations to come. Your Donations helps to meet these goals, and  make our service worthwhile. The more you GIVE is the more we recieve, the more we RECEIVE is the more we are able to DO. THANK YOU.


We are in the season of a Government advised lockdown, a season the pandemic due to a dangerous virus that has affected our Nation, and almost every other Nation on our planet. Fear has gripped many and there is panic in the air. There are new cases being reported every day. Yet in the midst of all these PEACEMAKERS have been vigilant in prayers and support. We have had to follow the Government Guidelines and close down the activities and Patrols that were due for the end of March and April, but our Vision and Prayers of the Teams are NOT in lockdown neither can prayer ever be on lockdown or stopped.

Praying the change we want to see

We at PEACEMAKERS vow to be vigilant in Praying. Prayers and Support is our way of being and therefore a way of life for us, whether it is visibly such as the foot-patrols and outdoor activities in the community or in the invisibility background as we are adopting in this season, we want you to know that a mighty fervent powerhouse of prayers is going on every single day and night.


Peacemakers Prayer Patrols – april 2020

We are asking you to please level your prayer requests or Prayer in the Comments section on this site and we will be sure to review your prayers and post them under of Prayer Section on the site so that your prayer may bless uplift and help to heal our world. Simultaneously, we will address your Prayer request with urgency and readiness to take action in praying for you.


A Prayer of Strengthening in this season from the PEACEMAKERS Chief Commisioner: 

“I want YOU to know that Life is for YOU. Go ahead and say it ‘Life is for me’. Next, I want you to know and to be positively assured that Life is NOT against you in anyway. Whatever you might be facing right now I pray Change. I pray a Mighty Change will shift your present situation and set of circumstances to make it OK. I give Thanks and declare it DONE, and so it is! Now, all you have to do is to Watchout for your answers every single minuite of your day. Believe for the imposssible. Be Grateful and Give Thanks every single day.  Bless You. Bless You. Amen and amen”


Embrace 2020 as numerals representing Wholeness and Growth, Goodness and Contentment

Cast off then your yesterdays’ broken dreams with its memories of fears and doubts

The New Year holds out for you Opportunities to Thrive and to be-come the very Best version of yourself yet.

So seize the moment: Grab hold of it. Arise shine, your Light has come.

 Reverend Dawnecia Palmer