PEACEMAKERS CONDOLENCE MESSAGE TO FAMILY OF murdered ANDRE GAYLE and heartfelt words with regards the recent knife crimes in the Easton Area of Bristol

A 24-year-old man will appear in Bristol Crown Court charged with murder, following the death of Andre Gayle. The 29-year-old died in hospital after being stabbed outside Easton Community Centre in the early hours of Monday, August 31. Jerome Lewis, of Kimberley Place, Croydon, has been arrested for the murder.

City Safety Patols and Prayer 
Patrols maintain  prayer presence in the Easton area.


They said that that they are concerened by the recent rise in the numbers of critical knife related incidents in the area.


However they remain hopeful that the increased volume of police units in the area, as well as the media attention, and their prayer presence, will usher in a new level community liason, peace on the streets, healing in the atmosphere, and a decrease in street crimes, and that people will feel safe to go out.


“Our heartfelt condolences and prayers goes out the family and close friends of Andre Gayle. His was a life cut down too soon. The fact that he was runing to save his life is testament that he wanted to live. The right to live is every person basic human right. Peacemakers are planning to rerun their campaign Respect 4 Life in light of the recent spurt of deaths, and serious injuries due to knife crimes. We pray that comfort, strength, and healing may prevail over hate, fear and revenge. May the Peace of God wash over those who are in grief and mourning at this time. Let there be love, let there be hope, let there be peace. Amen.”

words by Reverend Palmer, Chief Commissioner – PEACEMAKERS  

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