PEACEMAKERS ‘Jericho Patrol’ Update

Lunchtime Talk at Junction 3 Library: Imagining a city free from corporate  advertising | Adblock Bristol It was a bright fresh Friday Morning, 16th July,  a small band of faithful gathered together outside J3 Library Easton, Bristol, to pray at the start of, a Prayerthon Patrol, and, what turned out to be ‘an amazing Patrol’ as quoted by one patroller, at the end.

The route for the Jericho Patrol was to start with a 9 am Prayer Stop outside J3 Library.  From here they headed along the slip roads at the back of the Motorway towards the cross-bridge over the Motorway, linking Easton and St. Werberghs.

The 2nd Prayer Stop was the M32 Motorway. There had been a series of deaths through motor-vehicle accidents and recently the body of a young woman was found nearby, she had been stabbed to death.  When they arrived at the scene there was already a shire to a young man 23 years old that had recently died. The cause of death was uncertain to us, however, from the tributes tied to bits of cardboard hanging on the railings, and graffitied with chalk on the pavement, we gathered that it was a tragic incident, and yet another life was taken, much too early! We kept vigil and prayed before heading towards St Werburghs.

St. Werberghs had been a rough area for drunkenness, youth crime, and high fear of crime in the early days of PEACEMAKERS, some 20 years ago.

Then, Prayer Patrols were a regular feature at all hours of day and night. The Community has since turned good, with new buildings, better housing, well-kept gardens, renovated Community Centre, Upgraded Park, cleaner streets and lovely community vibes. Patrolling around and Praying here was a delight, to see the changes and to enjoy the sense of peacefulness – long may it continue.

Crossing over into St. Pauls carries a different feel these days, opposed to those earlier times when street, gun, knife, and gang crimes, robberies, and violence were rife.  On our more recent Patrols here we find things a lot quieter.  And it is good to see new enterprises, cleaner streets, new cafes and takeaways, freshly painted buildings,  and a well-kept park.  There was a positive welcoming reception to prayer and the presence of the patrols.

The crossways at Grosvenor and lower Ashley Road were our 3rd Prayer Stop of the morning.

There was much to give thanks for. “You are building on our prayers,” a patroller told a new business owner after they had been invited in, they prayed and blessed the business.


Stopping briefly to pray for an elderly gentleman whose business had slowly declined, and thanksgiving outside the St Pauls Library and community cafe, patrolling along  St. Nicholas Road through St. Pauls Park to the 4th Prayer Stop at Subways in front of the  Memorial Murial.

Jericho Patrols then headed towards the pedestrian corner of St Mark Road Bridge, Old Church, and Mosque, 5th and final Prayer Stop.  On our way over we observed much to add to our Prayer Shields list for future prayer, of which Grafitti is the most obvious.

I am very grateful, extremely thankful, to those who gave up their time and came out on the day, as well as the invisible Prayer Sheilds, the invincibles who covered us in prayer every step of the way.  Most of all to LIFE with the invisible host of Heavenly Angels. Ameen.

NEXT PATROLS:  Wednesday 4th August 11 am.  Starting at Prayer point1 by Eastville Park and along Fishponds Road, towards the last Prayer Stop which will be the Cycle Track behind Morrisons.


Sound The Alarm!!!

Friday 9th July.

A PEACEMAKERS  PRAYER PATROL Sound The Alarm Prayers for Bristol and London will take place on Friday 9th July at 12 Noon via this Google Meet Link

Please pass this information to anyone whom you think might be interested or that may benefit from this opportunity.  Please use our Contact US form, the Prayer Request TAB, or Email: for inquiries and to get more information

If you are interested but unable to attend and have prayer needs or concerns that you wish to share privately for prayer. Email us directly at

We have been made aware that sometimes people do not wish to be seen during online MeetUPs this is totally understandable. You can do so safely by muting Camera before clicking the Join now link, you will be totally hidden and no one will be able to see you.     However, you must remember If they do not wish to speak or wish to hide your background noises, they can do so either by Muting their Mic either before joining or during the event. To participate your prayers simply unmute your audio.

Thank you and look forward to you joining us on Friday, 9th July 2021 at Midday!

Bristol City Safety Patrols ‘Peace Angels will be in St. Judes, St Pauls, Stokes Croft, and Easton Areas of Bristol on Monday 12th July from 09.00 am. If you would like to JOIN US in any of these areas please contact us via the CONTACT US Page or Email directly to



Lest we forget…

Lest we forget, Andre Gayle,

Lest we forget, Colin Winston

Lest we forget, Evon ‘Bangy’ Berry

Lest we forget, Stephen Lawrence

Lest we forget, Victoria Climbie & Baby P

Lest we forget, George Floyd

Lest we forget, Breonna Taylor

And the list goes on…

These are some of those whose lives and substance were brutally stricken from them, torn down too early, defenseless murders.

Death of Baby P - WikipediaMurder of Victoria Climbié - Wikipedia

St Pauls shooting victim Evon 'Bangy' Berry remembered 25 years on - Bristol LiveStephen Lawrence murder: police missed potentially vital clue because of confusion over punctuation | The Independent | The IndependentDerek Chauvin: ex-officer convicted in George Floyd's murder asks for new trial | Minneapolis | The Guardian

In our prayer today, we remember them. We give thanks for having known them, and for having heard about them. Whichever the case, the memory of their lives leaves a stain on our consciences, a reminder, that must never forget them. It speaks to us that we must ensure that justice is brought to bear so that their death is vindicated.

They did not live in vain

Our prayer for Justice goes deeper than hearing that their murderers are caught, convicted, and doing time in jail.  And this we demand as part of our prayer.  However,  a prison term does not suffice their innocent lives pleads for. They ask for justice that says we should all be given the chance to live out the full term of our lives.

Life is God-gifted RIGHT

Every individual, in reference to skin color, learning and education, financial worth, ancestral heritage, religious belief or none, disposition and creed – ALL of the equal value where the safety,  protection, and preservation of life is concerned. And this is the foundation, root, and tenant of our prayer.

Beyoncé seeks justice for Breonna Taylor in letter to Kentucky attorney general | Kentucky | The Guardian




Our prayer today is a demand for fairness and justice, value and choice for ourselves and of our fellow beings, from every nation.

Let there be love peace, hope.

In closing, we pause to give thanks to LIFE, sometimes call God, or Allah, Source, or Divine Intelligence, and the list goes on. By whatever name, this one thing is certain and we can all agree is LIFE! Without LIFE there is no existence, meaning nor purpose. So, in the name of LIFE, we decree liberty of choice, right of life, fairness of recompense, and peace to feel safe. AMEN.

~ In Rememberance, composed and written by Rev. Dr. Palmer h.c. Rev Palmer is Chief Commissioner for PEACEMAKERS since 2002

New-look for City Safety Patrol! & Upcoming Prayer Surgery

PEACEMAKERS City Safety Patrol is hoping to resume their regular rounds in Bristol with a fresh New-look this Summer! See Below

In order, to comply with the UK’s Government Lockdown guidelines and restrictions,  as well as Peacemakers Global’s strict health and safety measures, the City Safety Patrols placed the peoples’ safety health needs first and foremost.  And in light of these continuous social distancing procedures, there have been fewer and fewer visible patrol activities on the streets.

However, Peacemakers continues to be a beneficial presence,  creating fresh innovative alternatives online, reaching out, and offering that all-important prayer support, a listening ear,  reassurance, healing, and support.

A Google Meet  Prayer & Healing Surgery is planned for Friday 28th May 2021 at 12 Noon through 1.00 pm.  During the hour PEACEMAKERS Chief will listen, pray with, encourage, and console individuals whose lives have been dramatically impacted by the pandemic.  Please pass this information to anyone whom you think might be interested or that may benefit from this opportunity.  Please use our Contact US form, the Prayer Request TAB, or Email: peacemakersprayerpatrol to get your Google Meet Link.

If you are interested but unable to attend and have prayer needs or concerns that you wish to share privately for prayer. Email us directly at peacemakersprayerpatrol

We have been made aware that sometimes people would dearly like to join a Zoom or Google Meet gathering, but do not wish to be seen, this is totally understandable. This is often because they are unaware that if they turn off their camera before clicking the Join now link, they will be totally hidden and no one will be able to see them.  Also, If they do not wish to speak, or wish to hide their background noises, they can do so either by Muting their Mic before joining or by doing so at any time during the event. Thank you.

Please find below Words to Bless, Heal, Comfort, and Encourage your faith.

Pin on Bible Verse

He wants us to hand this over to Him


There are myriads of angels all around us every day.

ᐈ Angel easy to draw stock pictures, Royalty Free vintage girl praying icon | download on Depositphotos®What are angels? And what do they do? Angels are heavenly protectors, guides, helps, messengers, of peace and goodness.

Though mostly invisible in form, nevertheless their presence has been felt most effectively during those times when we most needed a miracle or a way up, and out.

Angel praying logo Royalty Free Vector Image - VectorStockWe are not called to worship nor to build alters to Angels, but to simply acknowledge that they exist, and are always available and accessible.

Most of us were taught that angels have wings, and I am one that has experienced the kindnesses and good deeds of those without wings, whose grace and genteel manner was just as angelic.

PictureCOMING SOON: As the UK opens up after the Lockdown, PEACEMAKERS  is also preparing to launch a new Peace Angels pilot, here in Bristol.

PEACEMAKERS Goodwill Prayer in response to KILL THE BILL PROTEST Volience & Unrest

Thousands gather in Bristol for 'Kill the Bill' protest over police powers planPEACEMAKERS Prayer Chief speaks out in the aftermath of the violence and unrest following a peaceful Kill The Bill Protest that had been planned for Bristol. In her letter below sent to various media as well as the police, she calls for peace and a halt to violence, criminality, and disruption to peaceful communities. She is hoping that her prayerful intervention will create a wave and air of peace bringing some level of peaceful understanding, especially in the light of further protest planned for the coming weekend. Police are advising people not to gather.

Peacemakers have been successfully working behind the scenes for street safety with Virgil, Patrols, Marches, and Awareness Campaigns in Bristol since 2002 when violence was rife in St Pauls and Easton area.  They were also part of winning the City  Purple Flag status, which helps to attract a greater number of visitors into the city center at night and hopefully reduces negative perceptions about Bristol’s city center.

Reverend Palmer is asking for people to join with her and her team in praying for peace. “If you do not already pray or even know how to pray, then you can use the words of the prayer on our site.” **See below.

"God usually uses the foolish things of this world to create mighty changes,  sometimes it may take a little while to see the difference, but it usually comes through good in the end." - Rev. Dr. Dawnecia Palmer OBA AFP

To whom it may concern

Whilst we cannot undo or wish away the violence, criminality, misbehavior, and mishandling of the recent Protests on both sides of the law here in Bristol; neither should we be complacent and silent.

I for one do not condone or excuse the use of violence on persons nor the destruction and damage to property.

It is a sad day for Bristol and for the years of hard gruff between parties, communities, and the police, to build a level of trust and civility.

My prayer today is for peace and order to return, for a new way of communicating and listening. For openness, peaceful protests,  and freedom of speech, to be handled with higher levels of competency and conscious awareness.

I pray the Spirit of Peace over the citizens,  constituency, and constabulary of Bristol. May order return. May violence and fear find no place to hide or grow here. May those with the tendency to destroy and cause harm be found out, arrested, handled fairly and charged accordingly. Then, may the Presence of the ALL GOOD grace our city, releasing it from the shadows of thuggery and violence. Let fairness, equity, justice, and respect for life, and property, be the order of Bristol. This is my Prayer. Amen.

Reverend Dr. Dawnecia Palmer AFP  is Chief Commissioner of PEACEMAKERS City Safety & Prayer Patrols, they work in partnership with Avon & Somerset Police and Crime Stoppers UK.



MARCH 2021 – Fresh Hope

You might have been going through some rough times, where situations and circumstances were as dark and dreary as the cold wintery days.

daffodils in park

Thank God, thank Life, we have managed to pull through, and here we are at the beginning of March 2021, at very the onset of Spring. Daffodils are blooming, buds and sweet flowers springing up in gardens everywhere, and although there is still a chill in the air, it is certainly getting brighter.

17,331 Dark Alley Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStockLike the weather,  souls go through seasons of change. The darker days seem to lower many people’s moods and some find it very difficult to beat the blues.

During the past few months of the Lockdown, PEACEMAKERS in compliance with the Government health Guidelines, have had to withdraw regular visible City Safety Patrols, however, the Prayer Patrol teams have been vigilant, safely sending out healing prayers for our City and people everywhere.

A prayer for the world! - World Animal News

Sickness, fear, crime, lack of finance, loss, a break-up, or the recent virus situation, are a few of the areas that our Prayer Teams have been asked to focus our prayers.

‘PRAYER IS AN  INVISIBLE LIGHT THAT LIFTS THE DARKNESS AND BRIGHTENS THE PATH WE ARE ON.’                                  ~Rev. Dawnecia Palmer ~

Prayer for healing - Evangelical EndtimemachinePrayers of Faith can heal one person as well as a whole family, change a community, or save a Nation.  A prayer is an invisible tool that is highly magnetic and versatile.  It has been called the most powerful force on Earth.



PEACEMAKERS End-of-year Prayerthon

The stories following the 2020 Covid pandemic is not like anything the world could have envisioned as we came to the close of 2019. At that time PEACEMAKERS issued a CALL to PRAYER, inviting people to join them on the streets of Bristol and globally, to pray forgiveness, healing, and closure for the old – and blessings and favor for the new. The invitation was met with a mediocre response reflecting a business as usual attitude to prayer and the power of unified prayers.


As we approach the end of 2020 PEACEMAKERS is sending out a Global Invitation to join with the Bristol Prayer Patrol and City Safety  Patrols as they embark on 7 days online Prayerthon, which will include a Prayer Circle Meetup in Bristol.


The online Prayerthon will begin at 6 am on Monday 14th December 2020 and ending at 6 pm Sunday 20th.  The Prayer Circle Meetup will be towards the front entrance of Eastville Park on Saturday 19th, at 2 pm for 1hour.


We are asking people to send PRAYERS via this Website by clicking on the COMMENTS Tab and posting your prayers there. The Prayers will then be uploaded to the Prayerthon Page. We aim to Print them as sent, so please do check your content and spelling carefully before posting. Individuals may post as many times as possible over this period.


The Global Prayer topic for the outgoing year 2020  is FORGIVENESS, HEALING, and CLOSURE.

The Global Prayer Topic for the upcoming year 2021 is  SAFETY, PEACE, HEALTH, and PROSPERITY.


Please pass on this post to your family and friends. Together in harmony, we will help to create a powerful Vibration of Good on the Planet.

We are asking people to send PRAYERS via this Website by clicking on the COMMENTS Tab and posting your prayers there. The Prayers will then be uploaded to the Prayerthon Page you can view it HERE

Many thanks in Advance.

Reverend Dawnecia Palmer AFP                                                                                Chief Commissioner, PEACEMAKERS


PEACEMAKERS All Hallows Night Prayer Patrol

The streets were surprisingly sparse as the small band of hopefuls set out into the dark chilly night on All Hallows Eve 2020, their fluorescent jackets and candle holders glowing in the dark.

They stopped to pray at various locations scheduled for this patrol, beginning at Easton, Easton Way, through St Agnes, and into St. Pauls, then cutting back through St. Werburghs to finish on Stapleton Road. 

These are familiar grounds for most of the team members, and they are aware of how far things have moved for the better since the early days of Peacemakers Prayer Patrols, when crimes, gangs, and violence marked these areas. Then, Patrols were visibly out prayer patrolling days and nights.


The highlight of the night took place on the Green outside the St. Pauls’ Learning Centre in St. Pauls. Here they formed a Prayer Circle by placing lit candles in a circle on the ground and linking hands, as the City Safety Patrol officer read a prayer she had composed and written especially for the occasion. “That was a very moving moment for me,” remarked a new volunteer afterward.


As the team gathered to pray, several youths were also gathering in the distance across the street, and they were behaving very badly, throwing fireworks in the air and at passing cars. This did not perturb the group, they persisted in prayer, and in a short space of time, on hearing the Police siren the youths scrambled and ran away.

The people in each area seemed very welcoming and happy to see the patrols, most hailing them in a friendly manner as they passed by, with both sides maintaining the social distancing rules.

Along the main high street in St. Pauls, a woman stopped and asked them to pray for her knees. The group prayed for her on the spot, and there was a distinct tone of relief in her voice as she thanked them and waved goodbye. Later on, they stopped to speak with the young owner of a newly opened Beauty Salon. She said she welcomed the prayers and their encouraging words for the future of her business.

The night got progressively colder, and as they came to an end of the Patrol, someone commented, “At least we did our part, we can only hope that we did some good and lit the darkness.”


Written by Reverend Palmer, Chief Commissioner – PEACEMAKERS

PEACEMAKERS Be Safe Nights Coming Soon

The City Safety Patrollers and Prayer Patrols are looking for volunteers to join them for the upcoming Be Safe Night Nights in particular Halloween October 31st, 2020, and Bonfire Night November 5th, 2020. A short training is required for persons wishing to participate in these Patrols.

Training will be conducted online via “Google Meet” where details of the Be Safe Nights patrols, patrol areas, and personal requirements, will be revealed and explained. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions during this time.

Google announces a bunch of features to bring Meet on par with Zoom
Pic of a Google Meet screen

Interested parties are invited to log their interest via the Contact Page on the website at OR by email to, and they will be sent a link, with instructions on how to join the ‘Google Meet’ training. Anyone with a Google account Gmail email address will find the ‘MEET’ image whenever they tap on the Gmail icon either on their phone or PC. The instructions to join via the link we send will be quite straight forward and easy to navigate.

We look forward to Being a part of Safer Bristol and the PEACEMAKERS Global vision for Creating Safer Communities and a More Peaceful World.

Need Prayer today? Go to the CONTACT US or PRAYER REQUESTS section on the website. Enter your details and what you would like us to pray about. *Please note your personal information is kept safe and only be shared with the Practitioners praying for you.

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Peacemakers, officers, foot-patrols, in-house practitioners, admin staff,  website manager, all give of themselves selflessnessly and tirelessly to the ministry. They give their service to provide space and place, physical accessibility for neighborhoods prayer support, online information, prayers, prayer support and encouragements, financial upkeep for equipments and uniforms, awareness events, monthly meetings, and travel expenses, and upkeep of our website. But most importantly is the time they give. Each person gladly sacrifices his or her time and energy for the love of you. Their vision and goal is to create safer more peaceful communities in our neighborhoods, in this generation, and for generations to come. Your Donations helps to meet these goals. Your gift of giving makes our service worthwhile. THANK YOU.


A global network of prayer, a force for good, a beneficial presence in the earth: to bless, protect, and actively engage with local communities.